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I have moved my Transformational Programme - The Seven Steps to Happiness - Online - to build resilience and joy. Please help me launch it.

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On the 1st February 2021 we'd raised £20 with 1 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Since I retired from teaching I have become an entrepreneur, to reduce stress, build resilience and increase happiness. Before 2020 this was all face to face. My Two-Day Wellbeing and Empowerment Workshops were transformational. I had developed a comprehensive and holistic programme which I call The Seven Steps to Happiness. Now I have moved it into an 8-week Online Programme and the next Run begins on the 15th January.

I need more funding to make this happen. There are so many unexpected costs to move online - to say nothing of the actual marketing.

The Programme includes daily content and weekly group zoom calls. In weeks 8 and 9 each student receives an hour of one to one coaching to take the learning forward.

What are my Seven Steps to Happiness?

1) - Identity and Self-Love. Beginning with conscious breathing and gratitude, we create a Happiness-Gallery, keep a Success-Gratitude Diary and start to practise Journaling.
2) - Personal Physical and Mental Wellbeing. We recognise the importance of healthy diet, a strong exercise routine, regular rest, sleep, fun and laughter. We practise Mindfulness and The Power of Now. We learn many strategies for developing a Positive Mindset. At the end of Week Two we go Forest Bathing as part of this step. (look it up - it is a Japanese initiative which has massive health benefits and does not require the removal of clothes! we 'bathe' in the atmosphere around trees. You can do it in a city park as well as a real forest.)
3) - How to deal with stress which comes from the world we live in: our physical environment, our relationships with other people and the impact which comes from wider issues in society. We learn strategies which enable us to 'surf the stress' and begin to view life more as an unpredictable game of experiences than as something we can control and plan for. We learn to view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth - and the importance of protecting ourselves from harm.
4) - We explore ways in which we can address some of the emotional issues which can be so disabling, such as trauma, loss, grief, guilt and shame -
and find healing by embracing vulnerability and focussing on gratitude. We learn about the Truth and Reconciliation programme and in our Saturday Zoom call we practise a powerful experiential exercise in forgiveness.
5) - Much stress comes from the mind. We discover how creativity and humour can be used to take us away from the mind and into the heart. When we are deeply focussed on creative activity, we are in the moment and fully engaged in something which brings peace and happiness. We practise Silk Painting in our Saturday Zoom Call, as part of this step.
6) - In step six we reflect on who has given us support and encouragement over the years - who do we look to for inner light and inspiration? We also reflect on who may look to us for wise guidance. How can we be better support and inspire those who look to us for light?
7) - Finally, in Step Seven we embrace the powers of sound and silence. Starting with an exploration of how music can change our consciousness and effect how we feel, we move on to singing, mantra and silent meditation.

In Week Eight we review the Seven Steps and the one to one coaching or review calls begin.

I need funds to build this into a real business and promote this programme so that many people can join it and start the year with new energy, shaking off the dust of 2020 and start 2021 with power and optimism. 

There are many costs when we begin a business or make a major change as I have done this year. I am making progress but to see this transformed into regular income I need to make more investments - including in technology and staff.

Can you help me reach my target?

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