Sending some basic essentials to 2 refugees

by alikh in London, England, United Kingdom

Sending some basic essentials to 2 refugees

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I'm trying to raise a bit of money to send 2 friends of mine some basic essentials.

by alikh in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm trying to raise a bit of money to send 2 friends of mine some basic essentials. 

They are both refugees and being kept in a hotel in York where they have no access to any money or have any contacts there. 

The money raised will go towards buying my friends some toiletries and personal hygiene products as well as as basic clothes (although sourcing clothes from donations mostly) and postage of the items. 

Items will include





flannels / sponges



hand sanitiser



postage of the items.

Any amount you can spare will be so appreciated. Thank you!

Any extra money will be given to Micro Rainbow

They operate safe houses for LGBTI asylum seekers so that they have a safe place to be whilst going through the horrible asylum process. Even though my friends are not LGBTI, Micro Rainbow have been so kind and helpful in helping me get a lawyer and other things for them and that kind of intersectionality and solidarity is what makes making a better world actually happen. LGBTI asylum seekers will have faced more trauma and violence in their lives so it's especially important they're kept safe during the asylum process. The recent tragic events in Glasgow illustrate how important it is to make sure all asylum seekers, but especially vulnerable asylum seekers, are given the care and support they need. Plus it's pride isn't it so that's apt too. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped it really means so much.

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