Send Love - for Grief & Loss due to Coronavirus

by Nikki Bridgman in London, England, United Kingdom

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We provide FREE events to those who are struggling with grief and trauma during the coronavirus pandemic

by Nikki Bridgman in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 7th August 2020 we'd raised £15 with 2 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Send Love - to those who have lost a loved on to coronavirus


Our first 'Send Love Day' was on Sunday 24th May. 

A group of us hosted FREE online events for those who have lost someone they love to coronavirus, and those struggling with grief and trauma during the pandemic.


We feel it is important to continue to offer FREE online Events to those struggling with grief and trauma.


We are aware that, throughout the UK, resources of bereavement services will struggle to meet the financial cost of providing support to those bereaved. The government has set up the 'National Bereavement Partnership Covid-19 Hub' to help respond to the current situation.


To ensure that people feel they are being 'cared for' by their community, we can help to give our support to these services by offering a range of Online Events that contribute to an improved sense of wellbeing, and self-discovery – through

'Story-sharing Circles', 

'Meditation Groups', 

'Sound Healing Events', 

'Yoga Classes', 

'Live Stream Music Events', and so forth.


We want to continue to offer wellness events for FREE for those suffering grief and trauma.






Hosting ongoing Events


We can do it if we make some of our Online Events open to everyone!

 If we give YOU the opportunity to sign up and participate in some of our Send Love Events and our Discussions. The DONATIONS raised from YOU can then help us to keep our special Events FREE for those grieving and in trauma.


Through your participation in an online event, you will be making a donation that WILL BE HELPING OTHERS. 

Please sign up for our online Events and DONATE to the 'Send the Energy of Love' initiative.

 Of course, you can always DONATE without attending an online event!


Like to CONTRIBUTE? - Please also get in touch if you wish to host an online Event.


When you lose someone you love, you know how tough it seems in the beginning to make the journey of transformation. The Energy of Love is one powerful support that can get us through. Let us be there for everyone and help them in their grief.


Please Join Us, Support Us, Send Love.



Putting Positive Wellness 'Sustenance' around Grief 


Contributors to the ‘Send Love Day’ included a few people who have been through their own intense period of bereavement in recent years. Individual experiences have informed their hearts and minds with a resonant understanding of the intricacies that may be experienced during grief. It has shaped their intent to offer help to those in need.

What has been a recurring acknowledgment in our conversations, is that - in our society in general - there doesn’t seem to be enough support around grief. 

What support is there, is AMAZING, and is centred around talk therapies, such as bereavement counselling. Without doubt, many really benefit from one to one talk therapy yet, it’s not for everyone. Some experiences in grief can leave you so numb that you can't talk, and here there is a genuine need for a holistic, or creative approach to wellness in Grief. Mindful endeavours and creative pursuits that can offer numerous ways to access, and be present with our feelings in a safe space. Being around those who have experienced similar, say, trauma experiences around their grief, can offer some invaluable awareness, and help to feel in some way 'grounded' when the familiar environment is no longer recognizable, and in actuality, is in chaos. 

During this pandemic, even something that we take for granted - the presence of friends and family at a funeral, the gathering together afterwards to share our individual stories about the person who has died - has been unavailable. These shared rituals can all be so vitally important to our mental wellbeing; the value in hearing and participating in shared experience.


For these reasons, we would like to ensure that our events are available and sustainable. My dream is for all people to have the opportunity to choose from a range of events, helping them to engage in the right kind of mindful sustenance and wellness to complement their personal needs.



 Reducing Stress During Grief




For those bereaved during this pandemic, it is vital that we ensure they feel supported by their communities in their ‘healing journey'.

Grief is a very unusual time, and can bring new types of stressors, often that have never before been experienced. How each one of us responds to losing someone is different, and is influenced by, and also has an impact on, our environment and support networks. Those networks can shatter and disappear, leaving people feeling further isolated in their grief. 

When someone who is close to us, leaves our community, the guidelines, and boundaries, sometimes the very foundations, of our lives are shaken. Without doubt, transformations happen, they can be positive and, conversely, very life affirming. 

For some, also, a death may present opportunity for the start of a gradually unfolding path of healing. Lives will not return to the way they were. Dynamics within networks and family change. Imagine where the environment was already unstable, how a bereavement can really impact mental wellbeing, and disrupt individual coping strategies.


Traumatic grief does not need stress. We know that stress is something that, everyday, challenges all of us. Studies from the HSE have shown that stress is a modern issue all of its own, with a cost to the UK workplace that is in excess of £5 Billion annually. Stress impacts our physiology and mental health. According to studies, such as 'The impact of stress on body function: A review'; "Stress can be either a triggering or aggravating factor for many diseases and pathological conditions". So, those people struggling in grief and trauma really do need our support.


The Creative Arts Really Do Benefit Humanity!


Studies in the last decade show how listening to voices, hearing therapeutic sounds, and listening to music - with a particular emphasis on live music - helps blood glucose with a very positive effect on Stress hormones - and our life expectancy can improve! 

Stress levels are reduced when the Autonomic Nervous System, following the activation of its one 'branch'; the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight, flight, freeze, response), ‘resets’ following a trauma and stress 'trigger', because the other 'branch', the Parasympathetic Nervous System, restores calm. However, when this is interrupted by prolonged stressors, symptoms such as anxiety, and Post Trauma Stress Disorder, may occur. 

For the Parasympathetic Nervous System response to restore calm to the body and mind again - here is where a meditative, mindful, approach has been shown to be so very beneficial to ‘us’, our ‘focus’, and wellness. 

It's amazing how many people discover a knack for watercolours or oil painting, and gardening, after they have been through a trauma. It's also a wonderful reward to see the beautiful surprise when people regularly discover that they are pretty good at something creative!

Contributions from Musicians, Holistic Therapy Practitioners

Our first Send Love Day offered an online day of FREE events: - 

- TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS - including - The power of story-sharing, and, the journey of grieving, creativity, and healing.

Shared personal experiences through online discussions that considered the positive impacts around story-sharing during and after trauma, and, also the links between trauma, creativity, and the ‘healing journey’.

- LIVE stream classes of yoga, meditation, sound mediation 

For those who choose a gentle, practical focus, holistic practitioners shared some online classes. 

- MUSIC contributions and LIVE STREAMS from artists within the Jazz and Blues ‘world’

 Musicians bring the power of healing through sound. 

 You can view our Facebook Page to see the music and discussions from those very kind and generous people who shared their support and skills to our first "Send Love Day". Some of these contributors are currently in the position to continue to share their skills for our ‘Send Love Events’! 


Ongoing Wellness for those suffering Grief and Trauma


Right now, Crowdfunder is making it 100% free for community and charity crowdfunding projects during the coronavirus crisis.


Unexpected times requires an exceptional response. Together we can achieve these ideas and make them tangible. 


Please Join Us!


Please Join Us, Support Us, Send Love.

Please join our 'Send the Energy of Love' initiative. 

 We hope to inspire all of you to help us to host regular “Send Love Events” and provide further 'Send Love Days" for those struggling with grief and trauma




With love, peace, and hope, we can all find innovative and creative ways to share our individual support.


Love can hold the hearts of us all.


Together we can continue to ~

Send the Energy of Love to all those who are struggling with grief and trauma due to the coronavirus pandemic


Thank you.




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