Scottish SPCA

RCN SC006467, Dunfermline

We're Scotland's animal welfare charity. We rescue animals in need, work with people struggling to look after their pets and help wild animals thrive in their natural habitat. We have legal powers to seize animals when their welfare is at risk, making us a unique charity in the UK.

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Scottish SPCA

We're Scotland's animal welfare charity.

Since 1839, we've been rescuing animals in need. We have nine animal rescue and rehoming centres across Scotland, and a state-of-the-art wildlife hospital too. All of these are often close to capacity with sick or abused animals. Our network of animal rescue officers and inspectors respond to over 200 reports of animals in urgent need every single day. We have legal powers to seize animals when their welfare is at risk and save them from desperate situation. 

We offer a free education programme to people of all ages to help everyone learn about animal welfare. We pioneer research into the human-animal bond and work with people and pets in crisis to keep them together when they need help. 

We believe in a Scotland where good animal welfare is the norm and every animal has a life worth living. How will your support help make this a reality?

Your support can help to fund urgent veterinary care for injured, mistreated or abused animals. Your support can help us to provide world-leading care and rehabilitation at Scotland's National Wildlife Centre, which treats over 8,000 wild animals per year. Your support can help us to take on the barbaric trade of badly-bred puppies and kittens and ensure those who profit at the expense of animals face justice.

We're here for all animals, always. With the support of animal lovers like you, we can continue to help hundreds of animals every single day.

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