School essentials for Bosnian Orphans

by Ifrah Yusuf in London, England, United Kingdom

School essentials for Bosnian Orphans
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Help us get 72 Bosnian Orphans ready for school this September!

by Ifrah Yusuf in London, England, United Kingdom

The project:

This summer I have teamed up with The Okic Osmanovic Foundation to raise £1000 to buy school equipment for 72 Orphan children in Selo Mira Turija children's Village located in Lukavac, Bosnia. This children’s village is intended for the care and accommodation of orphans and children with no parental care. It covers basics such as safe accommodation, basic care, schooling and vocational training for adulthood.


This £1000 will cover school essentials for all the children to prepare for the next school year and will go towards things like:

  • Notebooks
  • Pencil Cases, pencils & erasers
  • Paints
  • Calculators
  • School Backpacks
  • Sports Equipment 

Approximately £40 will fill the backpack of one child (This is an estimate as younger children might need fewer things)


Why Bosnia:

Bosnia is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe described as having a multi-cultural heritage and religious diversity and has been on my travel list for months. Sarajevo, it’s capital, is nicknamed the ‘Jerusalem of Europe’. It is one of a few major European cities to have a mosque, Catholic church, Eastern Orthodox church, and synagogue within the same neighbourhood. 

Despite it’s beautiful exterior, the country has a very sad past. The Bosnian War in 1992-1995 saw the murder of more than 100,000 people, leaving thousands of children orphaned. 


About the foundations I will work with:

Selo Mira Turija is part of The Children’s Future Foundation which has been providing sustainable help for children in need worldwide since 1988. The Selo Mira Turija village is intended for the care and accommodation of orphans and children with no parental care. It covers basics such as safe accommodation, basic care, schooling and vocational training for adulthood. There is a 100% donation policy as all administrative costs are paid for by the foundation. More information on the foundation can be found here.


The Okic Osmanovic Foundation is a non-profit founded in July 2022 by Nermin Osmanovic; the focus of the non-profit is to help society. Previous projects have been based in orphanages in Bosnia-Herzegovina. More information on the non-profit can be found here.


Below is a signed and dated letter (In Bosnian language & English) from both the Selo Mira Turija Children's Village and the Non-Profit I am working with outlining the scope of the project and a list with the costs of the equipment being purchased. The supplies will be pre-ordered and the money will be sent over and receipt will be provided for each order. 




About me:

My name is Ifrah Yusuf, and I have been fundraising for UK charities for the past 3 years. In August 2023 I travelled to Palestine and fundraised directly for a special needs orphanage in Hebron where I handed over the donations in person. Through that I was able to see how effective donating directly to organisations on the ground was especially where there is a 100% donation policy


Since then, I’ve raised money for organisations on the ground in Morocco, Afghanistan, Gaza & Niger in West Africa.

This summer I am travelling to Bosnia and with the help of the Okic Osmanovic Foundation, we will cover these school essentials with your donations and put smiles on the faces of 72 orphan children.


Be a part of this project and help me to raise £1000 before my trip to Bosnia. You will receive pictures of their school kits, and receipts. This will be updated every step of the journey. Please share with friends and family.

[All images taken from organisations public Facebook page]

Thanks, Ifrah

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