Sawdust Studio start up fund


Project by Sean Wheeler

Sawdust Studio start up fund
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A makerspace that provides access to larger tools for various hobbies. Running courses for upskilling and completing community projects.

Welcome to a brand new business Sawdust Studios. The company is run as a sole trader but has a bias toward helping the community. Let me explain a bit about myself and then Ill explain what your going to donate toward.

I am a self taught woodworker for the main part but I have tried many hobbies over the years. From model painting and scenery building to pottery and black smithing. I enjoy trying new things and helping others to do the same.

So you don't have to read the whole thing and get bored, the vision here is three fold.

1: Provide physical space for people to make something, with the ability to use tools they wouldn't normally have access to i.e. cabinet saw, kiln, welding equipment to name a few.

2: Run classes and workshops to upskill people. By this I mean show people how to change bushing in a washing machines motor, how to connect two pieces of wood or how to safely recreate the latest Tic Tok.

3: Help out in the community by providing a free labour pool of skilled individuals.

Sounds simple enough and your still here so let me explain more.

Our main aim is to provide a safe, inclusive space for people to rent for various times, minimum 1 hour, in order for them to complete their projects. We aim to provide two types of space, small being two desks in an L shape or large being a 3 x 3 meter (rough size) space with a work bench. So weather your building scenery or a dinning room table we will have a space for you.

We will also be providing the use of tools you might not have at home either due to expense, size, noise or any number of other factors. For example you enjoy pottery but cant afford a kiln on your property we have one you can rent time with. 

In connection to this we will run workshops to show people basic skills such as how to change the bushings in a motor of a washing machine, how to construct and put up a shelf, how to rewire a plug to mention a few. The purpose of this is to give people the life skills they need so that they don't have to rely on trades people to fix their problems, and save there money on expensive call out fees or buying a new product. In this way people will become more self reliant.

Future goals will be to record detailed videos explaining these processes so that people everywhere will have access to them while also running an open forum for people to ask questions. We are very aware that these resources already exist but sometimes they assume you have some knowledge of what's going on and that's the gap we would fill.

Last but not least, we would ask local community groups to send in projects that they would like completed that they feel would benefit there community. We would review these and based on there needs and our current availability we would offer our services to help them with materials, supplying them at cost if they don't have them already or we cant work out a deal with a supplier to get a better price. We would send qualified trades people free of charge to again help with costs and spread the budget a bit further.

So that's the basic plan. In essence we aim to help as many people as possible to improve there surroundings, upskill there abilities and stop your neighbours and partners from complaining about the noise.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

For this you get a plaque on the wall in the workshop and one sent to you to say thanks, plus our eternal gratitude and thanks. (Plaque will differ in size dependant on size of donation).

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Work bench named after you

£100 buys you a plaque with your name on it on the wall in the shop and plaque sent to you. Plus you get to name a work bench (some rules apply ie nothing offensive, rude or homophobic etc but if you decide benchy-mc-bench-face is for you it will be done.)

£500 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£500 to name a Workspace

£500 buys you a plaque with your name on it on the wall in the shop and plaque sent to you. Plus you get to name a workspace (some rules apply ie nothing offensive, rude or homophobic etc.)

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£1000 Your chance to name a tool.

£1000 buys you a plaque with your name on it on the wall in the shop and plaque sent to you. Plus you get to name one of the tools in the workshop. (some rules apply ie nothing offensive, rude or homophobic etc.)

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