Saving The Seahorse Trust

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We are raising funds to develop the trust so that we can further our aims of conservation and preservation of the marine environment

by the-seahorse-trust in Exeter

We are raising funds to keep the trust going into the future so that we can develop and further our aims of conservation and preservation of the marine environment, using the seahorse as our flagship species. Now is a very crucial time in the history of the trust as we have been involved in so many things over the 15 years of the trust (34 years working with seahorses of it's Director) such as the Marine Conservation Zone process which has led to south Beach in Studland Bay, Dorset becoming a proposed marine Conservation Zone.

South Beach was home to a colony of Spiny Seahorses, the largest in the UK if not Europe; sadly the numbers at South Beach have dropped from 40 in 2008 down to none in 2014 because the site has become so degraded by overuse. When we get it made a Marine Conservation Zone, then a management plan and restoration processes can be put into place to ensure its long term future.

Juvenile Spiny Seahorse at South Beach

The Seahorse Trust set up an extensive study project using hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life to learn more about the seahorses at South Beach, which has given us a greater understanding of the species in the wild and allowed us to begin to work out the mysterious life style of seahorses. It has been an amazing project that has changed our perception of seahorses not just here in the UK but abroad as well.

The Seahorse Trust not only works on British Seahorses but with partners around the world. We have helped set up or advised on projects in Spain, France, Malta, Italy, Cambodia, America, Australia and the Philippines to name a few and advised many governments around the world. through our 'Working in partnership with nature' approach we have networked around the world making a difference to seahorses and marine conservation and knowledge building. Our partnership approach means we have supported children and students in their projects, we have advised captive breeding projects privately in public aquaria, we have worked with scientists trying to unlock one of the most enigmatic secrets of nature, the intimate life of seahorses, and we are always there if people need our help.

We aim to make difference to the natural world using seahorses to tell the tale. And what a tail; just one of the amazing features of seahorses is their prehensile tail that can grip in the most ferocious of weathers and makes sure the seahorse can never be washed away; but this incredible tail can also be so gentle in its caresses when the male and female are courting as they touch tails in a beautiful elaborate dance.

Our work extends beyond studying seahorses in the wild, working with partners and sharing knowledge; we also actively seek to stop the trade in dead seahorses for the Traditional medicine and Curio trades and recently working with E-bay we got them to ban the sale of seahorses in Europe, America and Australia. An ongoing part of this crucial work was working with the Wildlife Crime Unit in Devon to raid a shop that had between 10 and 13 thousands dead seahorses stored, it also had crocodile, shark, Seamoth and many other protected species. This came about because of our extensive network of volunteers who reported the shop to us and this led onto this incredible result; we now hope the shop owner will be prosecuted.

Dead seahorses siezed from a curio shop in Devon

Bag of dead seahorses from a curio shop

We are a small charity that makes difference; we need to develop and secure the future of the trust for all of the reasons above and more. Now is a crucial time in the history of the trust and our campaign project is to sustain the Trust for the future; not just ours but for the natural world as well.

Please help us to help them. THANK YOU

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Our Eternal thanks for helping us continue with preserving the seahorses

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A Seahorse supporters certificate with your name on it!

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A Seahorse Supporter certificate and Seahorse Trust sticker and pin badge

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A great soft toy seahorse with a Seahorse Trust sticker and pin badge

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A framed picture of one of the 10 seahorses from our British Seahorse Survey. They are featured on our Support us page of the website

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Name the next seahorse found on the British Seahorse Survey and get a named certificate with a picture of your seahorse on it, Delivery will be asap after naming

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