by Band of Rescuers in York, United Kingdom

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Sparrow needs your help for life changing veterinary care!

by Band of Rescuers in York, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The target may be increased depending on what future treatment is required for Sparrow and in the event of surplus funds raised, this will be used to fund other vital medical treatment for other cats in our care.

On the evening of Thursday 2nd September 2021 we were alerted to a tiny 9 week old kitten who needed urgent veterinary attention. The kitten was transferred into our care that same evening and the extent of his problem was clear to see. We decided to rename him Sparrow.

Sparrow is suffering from facial and jaw deformities the cause at this stage is thought to be a congenital birth abnormality. The most obvious concern initially was a marked protrusion of his left eye which was also positioned higher up than it should be. His bottom jaw was found to be both undershot and misaligned.


Sparrow was initially seen by our veterinary team for an urgent assessment and underwent a thorough full body examination and health check. What they could tell is that his heart and lungs are healthy and strong and cognitively he has no deficits. We were informed that without further imaging it is impossible to determine the full extent of his facial deformities or what other involvement there is between the bony structures and soft tissues and without this information it made the risks and outcomes of any procedures unknown, leaving us with a predicament.

We had some big decisions to make for this tiny kitten!

Despite everything, Sparrow is the most playful, energetic, and determined little soul. Watching him play in his foster home would have you believe there was nothing wrong. He LOVES his food and he plays so energetically that he wears himself out, eventually succumbing to this and nodding off whilst still sitting up! He is the most affectionate little boy who steals the hearts of everyone he meets. You are guaranteed to be met with a friendly meow followed by loud purring and he just cannot wait for you to start playing so he can join in.

After lots of discussion with multiple members of the medical team and exploration of various options for Sparrow, the decision was made to go ahead with a CT scan.
This is not something commonly done on young kittens due to both the risks and cost involved. However, after much deliberation a conclusion was drawn that this was something we needed to do for the best possible long-term outcome for Sparrow. This was deemed to be in his best interests by multiple professionals and there was no time to waste. It was our job as a rescue to make this happen.

On Tuesday 7th September he was admitted to the animal hospital for his CT scan. The team have done an amazing job, putting safety measures in place to keep him stable throughout the anaesthetic. We are so lucky to be working with such an excellent team of vets! Two practices working together in collaboration to manage his care, all fighting for and hoping for the best possible outcome for an exceptional kitten.

During the procedure a large pocket of fluid could be viewed just beneath his bad eye. While still under anaesthetic the fluid was drained, and surprisingly his eye returned to better position but this is only offering short term relief. 

We are now awaiting the full radiology report to determine the best course of action going forward.


Sparrow has fought so hard to reach 9 weeks old with no help and now he really needs our support for a chance to live the life he deserves. As a registered charity we strive to ensure all our cats and kittens get the best medical care available to them and we cannot achieve this without your help. Time and time again these animals are let down by people, their medical needs are neglected, resulting in unimaginable suffering and long-term problems.

As a rescue we pick up the pieces, we alleviate suffering, and we improve quality of life.

But this comes with a cost, a big cost and we really need your help. Sparrows medical care to date is already in excess of £ 950 and he is going to require ongoing care which will likely include surgery and subsequent treatments.

Can you help us to fund Sparrows care?

We will provide regular updates on his progress and evidence treatments along the way. PLEASE help us to continue our work to end suffering and improve lives.

Please share Sparrows story far and wide, help us to help him!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. 


(The target may be increased depending on what future treatment is required for Sparrow and in the event of surplus funds raised, this will be used to fund other vital medical treatment for other cats in our care.)

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