Please help “Save My Bacon”.

by The Wilder Ones in Bratton Clovelly, England, United Kingdom

Please help “Save My Bacon”.

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To raise money to feed my piglets during Lockdown and support the growth of my business afterwards and so keep conserving rare breeds.

by The Wilder Ones in Bratton Clovelly, England, United Kingdom

Feeling hot hot hot!

Wow! Where did this weather blow in from?? I hope you’re all surviving. It’s so hot we walked to the witches pool on the moor and used it as our own human wallow last night. It was still baking when we started our trek back at 9pm. 

I‘ve spent the last few days trying to drum up more support for this campaign. If you can and you have friends who you think may be interested in supporting me, or they just love a really good sausage, please do share the project with them. It feels more important than ever now to support small farmers, especially us younger ones who have to do things differently to get a foot hold in an industry that is usually passing down the family farm and so can seem quite exclusive.  

Obviously the Agriculture Bill failed to get through Parliament. It means meat from animals raised in seriously horrible conditions on a massive scale that impacts human health will be allowed into this country as we trade with the US. Food prices may well come down, but at a price that sees meat on our shelves that has been washed in chlorine and bleach. In the UK, in the main, even our lowest animal welfare standards are better than those employed by factory farming in America, its a really scary time for us as farmers, for consumers and for our pigs. 

Exciting things are happening on social media. Ive been asked to take over the tweets for a week on Smallholders UK And write blogs for different youth and rural projects that run nationally. Ive been asked to make a video about life here and why I do what I do for Farms not Factories who are an amazing project. I’m not so good in front of the camera so am trying to see it as learning a new skill. It’s taking a while though as we keep laughing too much! 

On the farm at the moment I am thinking about reseeding. I am really into land management. Inspired by Isabella Tree and her rewilding of the Knepp Estate in Sussex, I have been running the pigs through a field that is usually super wet and grows reeds like Primark turns out clothes. I was hoping that they would eat them and different habitats might start to grow in their place but no such luck. They’ve eaten the grass, the plants in between but no reeds have suffered in the making of this field at all! 

So I have two paddocks to totally reseed. They were going over to a crop for the pigs but the ground is too hard to get it dug so I’m thinking about putting down some herbal lays. In Japan they have been looking at putting herbs into pigs diets to try and reduce their reliance on antibiotics in factory farmed Pigs. Whilst I dont have a factory farm I’m still interested in how I can improve diet and the health of my animals naturally as well as encourage more pollinators and insects to the land. Amazingly yesterday I saw a Nut Hatch family in the woods which are really rare birds. I’m lucky as this land is very ‘untouched’. For the six years we have been here, other than the odd pony its been pretty fallow and before that was just used to run a few sheep so my starting point is a good one. 

Then there was the piglet with the swollen back end. He tried to get through one of the fences and caught his balls. It swelled to the size of an apple. The vet said it would not be cost effective to operate and to just ’see what comes next’. I think is manipulation did the trick as it exploded yesterday. Puss and gunk everywhere. Piglet totally unphased by his exploding rear end. So lots of squeezing to make sure its all out and some purple spray and he is back to normal. 

Heres some pictures of life on the farm. Have a good day and again, thanks for your support! 

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