Please help “Save My Bacon”.

by The Wilder Ones in Bratton Clovelly, England, United Kingdom

Please help “Save My Bacon”.


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To raise money to feed my piglets during Lockdown and support the growth of my business afterwards and so keep conserving rare breeds.

by The Wilder Ones in Bratton Clovelly, England, United Kingdom

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Katherine Pacifico 24th July 2020

I just got my pork box and my husband couldn't be happier with his present, last night's toad in the hole was epic. I do wish I'd had a heads up it was coming, so I'd had more freezer space....

Tim Holt 11th July 2020

Love what you're doing and your passion for doing it. I wish all farming was like this. Good luck sorting the land, and hope to get to taste your products at some point. Happy to back you, and will keep following your journey.

rebecca woollard 8th July 2020

I hope you manage to find some more land for your beautiful pigs. I admire your ethos so much - we need more people who care about farming ethically!

Josephine Williamson 30th June 2020

I love your dream and believe this is the way to farm animals. I truly hope you survive this time and can continue to take your project forward to its next step. I love the idea of the extra woodland for your older sows.

Laura sanders 29th June 2020

I only wish I could give more...I think what you're doing is amazing and I love seeing the posts of you caring for your lovely piggles. My partner and I are photographers and I for one would love to visit one day and take some pictures of them..though you do a brilliant job yourself! Keep going and best of luck!

Russell Brown 29th June 2020

Best of luck with your growing business! I grew up in Tavistock and have been a chef for many years so really see the value of what you are doing. Keep at it!

Debra Geeson 28th June 2020

I am pleased to see that so many people are backing your business. We all want you to succeed so don’t hesitate to ask for help in the future.

Sarah Phelps 28th June 2020

I love your commitment and the way you raise your pigs as part of a rich and biodiverse world. very proud to support you. You're an incredible young man and a beacon for the future.

Declan Murphy 28th June 2020

Hi. I’m contributing to your cause because I believe you are farming the right way and promoting biodiversity and fantastic animal welfare standards. It’s great to see someone young adopt such a progressive philosophy. Brexit will be even more challenging given the governments posturing to the US and their appalling animal welfare and food standards. Farmers look like they’ve been abandoned. I hope you are preparing for this. I would buy pork/bacon from you if you sold online as I’m based in Cardiff. Best of luck.

rhianna-jones 28th June 2020

I really enjoyed reading the information about your approach as a farmer. Your passion for what you do and how you care for the pigs is beautiful. Best of luck in your career!

Christopher Mockridge 27th June 2020

Best of luck with your project- I have no doubt you’ll smash this target! Wonderful to see your obvious passion, you clearly have a vision and the energy to make it happen. You have ALREADY done amazingly well !!!!


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£25 to Save My Bacon so it can be yours.

Pledge £25 today and we'll reward you with a pack of home cured home smoked bacon. PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£10 or more

£10 Donation

Spare us a tenner to help a business you love get through whatever COVID-19 sends our way and we’ll send you a pack of pharma free sausages to say thank you.

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£50 FUTURE...

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£70 or more

Sunday Roast

I’ll send you a Leg joint of our wonderful pork plus all you need to make an awesome Sunday roast with crackling you will never forget, organic veg and potato’s.

£100 or more

£100 adopt a piglet

Pledge £100 today and Adopt one of our rare breed piglets. Every litter we keep 4 or 5 girls to bring on as sows. Adoption means you can get to name the piglet, she’ll send you birthday cards and you can visit to say hello if you’d like to. PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

£120 or more

£120 buy a meat box early.

My meat boxes sell out in 24 hours. They are building a reputation for being the best pork you will ever taste and some high profile West Country chefs are now looking to buy the meat to serve to their guests. If you’d like to buy a box in advance that would be so helpful and definitely save my bacon. The boxes contain joints, chops, loin, belly, ribs, sausages and offal.

£200 or more

£200 A Farrower of a farm visit

Come and visit us when a sow is due to farrow and watch the piglets be born, or get hands on if you want to!

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