Save Watford's Refugees

by Watford Refugees in Watford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 4th January 2021 we successfully raised £3,973 ( + est. £572.50 Gift Aid ) with 29 supporters in 42 days

We aim to support those most in need in our local community, primarily refugees & asylum seekers who have little or no access to funding.

by Watford Refugees in Watford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

By setting our stretch target at £5000 we will be able to provide more people with help to meet not just their basic needs but also their ongoing needs. The cost of the legal process alone is so high and leaves those going through the process in a constant state of uncertainty, which can take a serious toll on already fragile mental and physical states.

We will also able to relieve some pressure from the local food bank with a sustainable solution, as we currently take out far more than we can donate, and the situation coupled with the devastating impact of Covid-19 is only adding to this pressure.

If we have additional funds we can add to our annual Christmas hampers with small pleasures and gifts for all of the family. These items and moments are so important as they break up the constant struggle with moments of simple joy.

Watford Refugees Crowdfunder

Our Vision

We want leave a positive impact on our community in a lasting and meaningful way. For the past 15 years we have done this by supporting an extremely vulnerable group of people, often overlooked and misjudged by society, refugees and asylum seekers, people who have had to flee their homes and native countries because of fear, war and persecution.


Our vision is to provide each person in our community with not only practical support and advice whilst they navigate the complex legal system of the UK but also to give them warmth and a friendly supportive environment, in which they can start to rebuild their lives.

As a small charity run mainly by a group of volunteers we are trying to raise vital funds to help our community in the most simple and basic ways, by providing care packages of food, essential items such as nappies, toothpaste and shampoo, access to basic healthcare and legal advice, as well as how to access mental health services.


We do it simply because we care. We also get to see the impact our small gestures of help, kindness and funding can really have on people, which is a real privilege. Having spoken to many people in our community we know that we have a kind and caring place to live which we want to really harness to provide as much help as we can to our clients.


We asked our volunteers and clients what impact the charity has had on their lives and these are just a few things they said;

One client turned volunteer said:

"Personally, my life had been turned upside down and I had very bad days. During these difficult days, the volunteers of the charity always supported me and helped me in different ways. They helped me to develop links with my community and form relationships through attending ESOL classes, parties and other events, and arranged social activities like trips to football games and museum visits for my kids which I can’t afford.

I think volunteering increases self-confidence and provides a natural sense of accomplishment too. The more you give the happier you feel and I feel happier and healthier."


Another client said:

"My life was turned upside down! This situation impacted on my self-esteem. A sense of hopelessness crept in. I was not able to provide for the family and having to spend all day in the house, not due to sickness, is demoralising to say the least. 

Eventually, after four years in this predicament, I was granted the right to work with great support from WTRRP (our official name). The charity has been an anchor through the challenges we faced as a family. Last year I managed to find a casual job during Christmas time. I was thrilled to be able to tell my children that I was going to work."


Amina was forced to flee her home country without her family


She was alone for two and a half years before her family was able to join her and her health suffered as a result of the stress.

"To start with, I just needed someone to listen to me" she said. "I’m really thankful to WTRRP for doing that"



The money we raise from this crowdfunder will be used to buy:

  • food parcels
  • school uniform
  • nappies
  • basic toiletries
  • sanitary products
  • essential training and English lessons
  • school supplies
  • simple pleasures like books or chocolate (not available when you live an uncertain and hand-to-mouth existence)



This is where you come in, our fantastic, warm and welcoming community! We know 2020 has knocked us all for six and has had an astonishing impact, so we are asking you, IF YOU CAN, please donate and support other people already struggling. If you can't donate we understand, and are asking you to come and join us on social, tell your friends and family about us and our campaign, like and share! Imagine what we can do together!!! If everyone who could donate the price of a coffee who lived or worked in Hertfordshire we would be able to do so much.

1606065550_kat-yukawa-k0e6e0a0r3a-unsplash.jpgWith all the gratitude in the world,

Watford Refugees aka WTRRP


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£33 or more

Nappies for a Month

Imagine not being able to give your child even the most basic of things, a clean nappy. Help a family care for their child

£3 or more

Donate the cost of a coffee

We understand that not everyone is in the position to give huge amounts, so if you can spare the cost of a coffee then that will still help buy items from the shopping list

£5 or more

Secret Santa

Give the gift of Christmas this year and make it a happy time for someone. This will be a simple item for either an adult or child to bring just a small piece of joy to an otherwise pretty dark time.

£10 or more

Donate an Emergency Food Box

This will provide one person with the essential food items to get them through the initial period. Let's feed our community.

£15 or more

Basic Wash Bag

This will buy a package of your basic toiletries for someone who has nothing.

£15 or more

Sanitary Products for a Month

Period poverty is an ongoing issue in the UK with sanitary products being taxed and limited availability to those with extremely limited funds. This gift would give a person dignity.

£20 or more

Access to Basic Training

Support someone learning new skills to get back into work, often displaced people have to learn new skills and find different types of work when they arrive in a new country. This training is essential to helping people get back on their feet.

£20 or more

English Lessons for a Month

Learning English is obviously a huge barrier to settling into a new community, and being able to secure future work, studies and simply communicate. This gift would be foundational for people trying to create a new life in the UK

£40 or more

Support our Women's Group

Our women's group is a space where women and children can come to, connect and share experiences or just simply be. It aims at combatting loneliness, encouraging women to combat their unique issues in relation to settling into their new environment. The women's group is an essential service, and for many their only real opportunity to connect with other people.

£45 or more

School Supplies

Help children get back into education with this gift, which could buy textbooks, pens, pencils, notebooks, basic equipment and a P.E. kit.

£118 or more

Food Shopping for 2 Weeks

Feed a family for two weeks with this amazing gift. This could buy groceries and store cupboard essentials.

£200 or more

Mental Health Support

61% of asylum seekers will have experienced some form of trauma. Imagine if 61% of your friends and family had experienced serious trauma and what we would do for them. Help give someone access to specialised mental health care and a happy, healthy future.

£236 or more

Food Shopping for a Month

Food for a whole month! This gift would give some much joy and security, yet is a basic human need and one often not met.

£316 or more

School Uniform for a Child for a Year

Being able to go to school is a huge privilege, one that is appreciated so dearly by our clients, why not lift this burden from a struggling family

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