Save the Cons

by Ashley Hobbs in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Save the Cons

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The Cathays Conservatives Club in Cardiff has come under serious financial constraint since COVID and CURFC wish to raise money to help them

by Ashley Hobbs in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The Cathays Conservative Club 'The Cons' has been the home Cardiff University Rugby Club for many years and it is the place where members have created memories that will last a lifetime and we hope this will continue for years to come.

Like many businesses, The Cons has not avoided the financial burden of COVID-19. The Cons just about survived the first two lockdowns and now into the third we must do something before it's too late. Just by CURFC not be able to commence with socials in the first semester it's starved them of tens of thousands of pounds. Jane and Bill have done so much for our club it is now time for us to do something for their club.

We know COVID has impacted the finances of us all but we are asking current and past members and anyone else to find some of that unused beer money and give what they can to help save our HOME.

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