Save The Bungalow from Covid-19

by Tommy McGrory in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to Save The Bungalow during this Covid - 19 crisis to ensure that we stay open and in community ownership. Help your music venue.

by Tommy McGrory in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We have played this venue many times previously as Rat Patrol and have loved every gig. We are now concentrating on our SLF tribute band, Tin Soldierz (all same musicians from Rat Patrol). As a band, all 5 members agreed to donate what we can from the band account to help your iconic venue and it's staff at this time. No reward required, however we would like to volunteer to play a show at your venue (once it is possible of course), and we will donate our fee to help get the Bungalow back on it's feet again 😎 Take Care Stephen Tin Soldierz

Ruby Whitelaw 28th March 2020

A fabulous resource and we can't lose this ever again. Support your local venue during this crisis. If we don't it will be gone

Drew McCormack 28th March 2020

Wish ah could do more guys but hard times for all ahm afraid How about organising an online facetime weekend festival wi donations via PayPal or something Or a non stop sponsored solo fest wi acts playing for as long as they can then a take over from the next act? Marathon style Ah could do 10 mins every hour give folk a toilet/ coffee break haha Good luck!!!

Brian McGuire 22nd March 2020

The Bungalow is vital to Paisleys night time recovery, I urge people to support the venue as we have two people who have invested so much to lose everything. Give what you can. is behind you

Blair Cochran 18th March 2020

Hope you guys don't get affected too badly from this. The music scene and Paisley in General needs the Bungalow. I love playing there and would be gutted if I didn't get another chance to play there again!!! Bungalow forever!!!!!


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