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by Rajinder Singh in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

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Promotion of Hollywood Bollywood English Film on Environment as thriller with Musicals

by Rajinder Singh in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

Watch ‘Wheels of Civilization’ releasing in UK Vue Cinemas from May 3rd…

We are raising funding for worldwide release and promotion.

As healthcare professionals, we may save many lives. But as preventive medicine champions, each and every one of us irrespective of our professional background can participate and save millions! By promoting and raising awareness about environmental pollution.

We have made a humble attempt too, by making a Hollywood Bollywood thriller in English. Your invaluable support by watching the film and spreading the message will help save our planet for our younger generation.

The Film is in English. But we wanted to give a touch of what Bollywood is best at, by adding soulful renditions in both English and Hindi to promote the cause of environment.

Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism said: Pawan Guru Paani Pita, Maata Dhart Mahat! Air is like Guru, Water is like Father, and the Great Earth is like our Mother. Hence we must take care of our environment. We have a soulful rendition that describes this on a background of real life pollution.

We have a beautiful song-dance sequence by our actors and actresses from London and India, with actual native tribals of Odisha dancing in harmony to a tune which can become the environment song of the century: 

Save, save the planet! O my Prince Charming! Stop Global Warming! Please Stop Fighting! The Glaciers are melting…!

We also have a brief message to stop the wars, and respect our differences, and eliminate the divisions: The youngsters Bo Bowra, Daveen, Ananya and Raja continue to sing:

Love your religion, but create no division!

Humanity is the best religion!

Guru Nanak, Holy Vedanta, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha, Mahavira, Lord Ram and Krishna - they have all advocated for cleanliness of our outer and inner environments, which is the ethos of the film.

Through the film, youngsters come together to take us on a journey through this cause and mission to save our planet.

In Punjab, India there used to be a Bhatinda express carrying loads of cancer patients from this cancer belt to Tata Memorial cancer hospital. This story is applicable everywhere. We eat loads of pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. This entertaining thriller film with musicals in its simplicity gives the message of our responsibility towards environmental protection through addressing pollution, while providing soulful tunes, excellent songs on environment, a Bhangra to rejoice over by Dr Davine Kaur, a doctor from London, and Sajan, from Odisha and a happy feeling towards the end after a roller coaster ride. 

We do have wonderful choreography of Bhangra and Tribal dances choreographed by Jaaved. The film also showcases the beautiful folk and cultural dance of Odisha by world renowned Choreographer Saswat Joshi.

Please watch our film: Wheels of Civilization

In Vue cinemas: Blackburn, Romford, Shepherds Bush, Birmingham Star City, Westfield Stratford, Croydon Grants, Harrow, Leeds Light, Manchester Printworks, Reading, Staines, Watford

May 3rd Evening Show

BBFC Rating 12A- so parents can bring children under 12.

Thank you for your support to collectively address the menace of plastic and vehicular pollution and deforestation.



Director, Wheels of Civilization

adhering to stringent hygiene practices, the doctors inadvertently overlook the environmental repercussions of their lifestyles, notably the excessive use of plastic. 

Conversely, the primitive tribes, while embracing environmentally friendly practices, lack adequate hygiene standards, reject modern medicine, and rely on traditional witchcraft beliefs. 

This film serves as a testament to our proficiency in crafting compelling and enlightening content that not only captivates audiences but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards our planet and its inhabitants. 

Entitled 'Wheels of Civilization', the film conveys the pivotal message that the harmonious coexistence of modern and primitive foundations is imperative for the advancement of humanity and the prevention of environmental catastrophe. 

Additionally, it conveys a social message regarding Indian doctors reconnecting with their roots, women's empowerment, and support for differently-abled individuals. 

Furthermore, it showcases and promotes the vibrant art and tribal culture of Odisha in a positive light.

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