Save Our Circus!

by Nat aka Captain Circus in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

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To Save Our Lovely Circus so that when all this horror is over, we will have our happy place to return to!

by Nat aka Captain Circus in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 18th May 2020 we'd raised £4,972 with 59 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Urban Circus happened by accident. A couple friends and a pole in their kitchen.. Fast forward 8 years and now were a community of about 150 women and children, and the odd man ;) Our studios give members a way of keeping fit, making friends, boosting confidence and some much needed stress relief in busy lives. It's time to clear your mind, have a laugh and maybe get a few cheeky photos for the gram. 

Like so many other businesses right now, Coronavirus has forced our studios to close. We have never been a hugely profitable business, with money going to paying our rent, our instructors and replacing equipment, insurance, music licenses and everything else that a business has to pay out. I often joke that I make half the amount the instructors make and that being a studio owner is rubbish, well whilst the first part is true, the second couldn't be more wrong. Owning these studios has shaped who i am as a person and is the best job ever. All our rainy day fund was invested, along with borrowed family funds, into the new Ripon Studio which opened in Feb. This virus could literally not have hit us at a worse time.

So, the action plan. As well as our online classes that can be purchased through our website, we're also applying for any grants, business loans and government schemes. And now we're also launching this page. Please, if you can, help me save the studios. Right now as it stands, Harrogate will have to close down and Ripon will hopefully scrape through but i don't know that for sure and the mounting debts may prove too much. 

The thought of losing the studios breaks my heart, but the thought of plunging my young family into a pit i cant climb back out of scares me so much more. The majority of the money raised will go towards rent and other costs that still need to be paid even when we're closed. A proportion with go towards funding the incentives listed below! 

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This project offered rewards

£45 or more

£45 - Your Name on Our Wall & A Sweatshirt

Donate £45 and not only will your name go up on our wall of thanks, but you'll also get a limited edition sweatshirt so everyone will know you helped to save our circus. Please comment the size you would like .

£10 or more

£10 - Your Name on Our Wall

Donate £10 and your name will make it onto our 'THANK YOU WALL' in the studio forever...

£25 or more

£25 - Name on the Wall & A Drinks Bottle

Donate £25 and you'll not only get your name on our wall of thanks, but you'll also receive an Urban Circus Water Bottle

£30 or more

£30 - Your Name on Our Wall & A Vest Top

Donate £30 and you'll not only get your name on our wall of thanks, but you'll also receive a limited edition vest top so everyone will know you saved our circus. Please comment your size in the donation.

£60 or more

£60 - Name on the Wall, A Vest & 2 Skype Privates

Donate £60 and not only will your name go on the wall, but you'll also get a limited edition vest top and 2 Skype privates with Nat for conditioning, stretch or pole / hoop if you have access to one.

£100 or more


Donate £100 and not only will your name go on the wall, you'll also be able to choose between our superhero package options.

£400 or more


Not only will your name make it onto our wall, you'll also receive 6 months unlimited access to classes and in house workshops once the studios reopen. Should this campaign be unsuccessful in saving both studios, this reward would be refunded upon request. Not sure i can give any formal guarantee on this other than my word so no problem if you're sceptical here!

£750 or more


Our black friday pass is BACK at its original price. This pass would cover both studios, all classes and in-house workshops for 1 year to start at a date you chose. When this deal hopefully returns for this years Black Friday, there will be a slight price increase as its a bit too good a deal! Again, if this campaign is to be unsuccessful, this payment would be refunded.

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