Save Mettingham Bowls Club

by Mettingham Bowls Club in Mettingham, England, United Kingdom

Save Mettingham Bowls Club

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Due to COVID-19 all bowls had to cease. No bowls sadly equals no money coming in. We need funds now to keep the club afloat for next season.

by Mettingham Bowls Club in Mettingham, England, United Kingdom

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On the 27th December 2020 we'd raised £225 with 6 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Mettingham Bowls Club was formed in 1925.  It is nearly 100 years old but today is a very sad time for us as it looks like closing and not reaching its 100th birthday Celebration.

Although we are a small club we are known as one of the friendliest clubs in the area. Most of our members are in their 70’s and 80’s and have been loyal members of the club for many years.It is possibly the only contact they have with their friends. Mettingham is a small village and the bowls club gives so much pleasure to so many middle age and older people who regularly come along to watch our matches and enjoy a nice chat and cup of tea.


Unfortunately due to COVID-19 all  bowls was stopped. Usually we play matches 3 times a week,each team member paying £2 per game but due to COVID these were stopped and no money came in. Also we raise funds by selling books,jigsaw puzzles, cds and raffles at all matches. these were all stopped. too.  Although no bowls was possible bills had to be paid e.g public liability insurance, cost of groundsmen to maintain the green,water rates, bin emptying service and the rent for the green. All these has meant the club has used most of any surplus we had in our account.  All these bills will be due again early January with the hope of playing competitive bowls from April 2021.


Our main aim  is to keep the club  afloat. That is why we need to raise money at this time. Normally, our club funds with the help of our fundraising events through the season enable us to survive. To enable us to continue now we need to raise £2000.00 which will pay our public liability insurance, water rates, rent, bin emptying and the hire of a Portaloo.



If we are fortunate enough to reach  our target and ( who knows) exceed it ,we have two larger projects that we would like to pursue - they are install electricity and a flush toilet. Our facilities at the club are very basic, our clubhouse is a large garden shed, likewise our office- cum- equipment store is a smaller shed. We do have running water but no electric or flush toilet.  We have tried several times to raise money for these but, without an injection of substantial money this has proved insurmountable. If we can obtain enough money for either one of these projects it would be a bonus. With better facilities we feel sure that we would attract more people to join the club as we have been told that prospective members have been put off because of our lack of facilities.


Firstly we need to raise £2000.00 to keep the club afloat. Without this we will have to close. We would all be inconsolable if this happened especially as it is nearly 100 years old.  It would be a great loss to the community in Mettingham and surrounding villages.


Secondly  a great bonus would be the luxury of electricity and or flush toilet. This would bring us into the 20th century and  possibly enable us to run social events and possibly bring in more income and more members. These are of course projects for the future. Our priority right now it’s KEEPING THE CLUB RUNNING.

With your help we can keep the club running, without it we will have to close.

Thank you for your help.1605964985_mettingham_1.jpg




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