Save Bonds Meadow Fighting Fund

by Sally Morgan in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom


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We're raising money to stop the destruction of wildlife rich woodland and be able to fight a winning campaign.

by Sally Morgan in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom

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Nicholas Clegg 25th January 2022

Another example of the National Trust grabbing money at all costs. They are so focused on preservation of "things" they're forgetting for whom they are working - the people.

Simon Jones Painter 17th September 2021

Why, why, why! the heck are the NT destroying complex valuable habitat that's taken thousands of years to evolve.Selling it for development..NT director Hilary McGrady (179k p.a !) hang your head in shame.

Simon Merrett 21st August 2021

High value wildlife habitats need protection from development, otherwise the places we live will be far less habitable for us! Thank you and keep going!

Colin C Kilvington 7th August 2021

This important fighting fund and campaign deserves robust support. As a National Trust life member I particularly deplore that the Trust is prepared to flog such an ecologically diverse wildlife habitat as Bonds Meadow for urban development. It suggests that the organisation has lost its way and indicates questionable standards of those involved in the decision making process.

Tess Walker 6th August 2021

Outraged that the ideals I support through NT have been abandoned by their greed and unimaginative approach to man aging small plots of land - that have been donated to them by those who trusted the Trust.

Karen Stevenson 1st August 2021

Disgusted with the NT and their utter lack of common sense with this decision. Fully support you in your bid to save another precious piece of land from development.

Olga Edridge 1st August 2021

Thank you for fighting for this space. -Climate change is real and here. We need to preserve nature to survive. -I very much doubt Major Hole left it to the NT for them to build on and profit from. -use disused brown site land to build , re-green and bring back to life -There is already a lot of new housing in the area.

Rosalind Cole0 29th July 2021

What a dreadful thing to happen to such a lovely and precious piece of well established nature reserve. National trust should be ashamed of itself. Profit before nature, should hang their heads in shame.

Jane Jennings 24th July 2021

My late parents spent their honeymoon near Bovey Tracey and loved the area. I am horrified that the NT thinks it has the right to defy the wishes of the donor and its members to sell land for housing. I hope this makes other potential donors realise that land given 'in perpetuity' no longer seems to mean anything to the NT. The £300k appears to be a paltry amount so I imagine they have also made a 'reservation of interest' and will get a cut of the profits made on the houses as they are sold. Their behaviour is despicable and as a Life Member since the 1970s I am disgusted and ashamed of many of the NT's recent pronouncements and actions.

Simon Smith 15th July 2021

We should be increasing the amount of wild land not reducing it. You would think the National Trust would understand that…..the clue is in the name!!

Debbie fletcher 9th July 2021

Thanks for taking on this fight - it's important that we hold landowners to account for their role in exacerbating the climate and ecological crisis we face when they sell land off for housing.

Sue Peace 6th July 2021

This is a wonderful small corner of our town full of birdsong colour and life.If all these small groups can save their local wildlife rich habitats from needless development we can make a difference to the country we leave our children and the health of our planet.

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