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Journalism is important and its defunding, which actually takes place at grassroots level, stifles and disrupts free speech and the public.

by Savage Minds in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Savage Minds was launched in 2020 because we saw the landscape of reporting on the voices of women around the cultural and political problem of gender identity and the political decisions made in reaction to the global pandemic as insufficient. So many stories were ignored or purposefully misrepresented and we set out to cover these issues.

Take, for instance, the WiSpa incident of 2021 which was misreported by all major media. We covered this issue and found that news stories entirely misrepresented this incident. Despite the presence of video corroboration and testimony of the other women present, Slate called @CubanaAngel's video of the incident a “hoax” and Guardian journalists reported that the  incident was “distorted by anti-transgender groups” The Los Angeles Times misrepresented this as a battle between the innocent “trans community” and “an international network of right-wing activists, pundits and media outlets” with no mention of the many lesbians and feminists who were critical of the dangers of allowing men in women’s and girls’ intimate spaces. The Independent and The Daily Beast also misrepresented the incident and the ensuing protests, a complete abandonment of factual reporting. We covered this issue through investigative journalism and reporting here finding another client of WiSpa who video-recorded @CubanaAngel making her video recording.

Some of the stories Savage Minds has covered include:

Savage Minds has a subscription model which we depend upon. However, many of our readers tell us that they prefer to give one-off donations. We need to raise the funds necessary to pay journalists as a single investigative story can take weeks, even months, of research, interviewing, writing, and editing.  Producing ethical news stories requires paying writers and editors a living wage. We are committed to bare-bones journalism where questions are asked, subjects are interviewed, facts are checked and all sides of the stories are represented. Savage Minds is asking those who are invested in returning to grassroots journalism to support our magazine and podcast.

In an era where political and scientific query necessitates coverage and information from all sides, it is clear that major news outlets will continue to operate as propaganda platforms with no due diligence to truth while disappearing what they deem to be oppositional voices and the lives of the disenfranchised.

What We Need

Your economic support of Savage Minds will mean that writers can conduct ground-breaking research and we can hold major media accountable for the fake news it disseminates. Here is what we need:

  • Funds which will provide enough money to pay professional writers, editors and videographers.
  • We need an update to our microphone and audio equipment for our highly successful podcast.
  • If you are a marketing expert, help! We were not born with that clownfish gene that allows us to be cis-marketing experts. Throw us a bone!
  • If you can't donate today, please share our publication and this crowdfunding wildly.

If we fall short of our goal, we will still move forward as planned and get as many writers to pitch and submit stories while we continue to fundraise. 

What You Get

Savage Minds will allow our supporters to:

  • Suggest topics of investigation for articles and podcasts
  • Access to "Disappearing Acts," our straight news coverage
  • Suggest topics for in-depth stories involving research for an article or video 
  • Suggest topics and guests for the Savage Minds Podcast
  • Participate in the comment section

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that these have been rough years for many, so even if you can't afford to donate today, please:

  • sign up for Savage Minds free subscriptions. Most of what we publish is free and publicly available
  • please share our articles and podcast episodes on social media
  • there are many other excellent independent publications out there that need funding and that are doing excellent work. Give them your support and shares as well!

Let's push together to create a more ethical news series where writers are paid, news coverage is not fabricated and objectivity is brought back into journalism.

Enjoy Savage Minds, both the magazine and the podcast!

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