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by Nadia Essex in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The Safely App is on a mission to help women always get home safely.

by Nadia Essex in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 22nd July 2022 we'd raised £1,783 with 36 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We want to launch the first ever Women Only Safety app that covers a range of options all to help woman get home safely.

If you feeling anxious walking home you can send preset messages to your friends & family to track you to make sure you get home safe.

We can trace you and contact the venue you are in to find you and keep you safe if you get your drink spiked.

If you are in a taxi and feeling vulnerable or being harassed by the driver we can get emergency services to you and have trained staff available 24/7 who can help support you. We will record all audio at the touch of a button without you having to get your phone out your pocket so we can record the evidence and help with a prosecution. 

We are asking for a commitment from the police to have them attend our user’s emergency calls within 7 minutes. 



Safely - will be passport verified and only available to women. It will be the first UK app that can assist & support women, who are experiencing various levels of threat.
Being able to receive help in an emergency, at the push of a button, to having a pre set message to send to loved ones who can track the GPS & support your journey home, plus many other safety features in between.
We know the onus should be on men and changing the culture of predatory men who attack women. This can be a generational  shift so whilst we wait, let’s use technology and work together to make sure women can get home safely.

This revolutionary app has one core mission - to make sure women always get home safely.

At the moment there is a real possibilty that if women go for a night out with their freinds or go on a date, they may never make it home.

Rape figures are the highest they have ever been. This may be the fact more people are reporting them now or maybe lockdown created more predators. Either way this figure keeps rising and we need to tip the scales.

There has never been an app that offers a range of support depending on how vunerable a user may feel. We are there for users every step of their way home. We will have our very own call centre and trained staff who know exactly how to deal with emergency calls, support vunerable users and all calls and audio will be recorded so if an attack smashes the phone or you dont feel confident in reporting your assualt straight away, we can help with the evidence to hand when you are ready. We can also provide supoort nad guidance around reporting to the police, dealing with the CPS, getting help from victim support and help prepare you for court if you need us.

How Will The Money Be Used 

With your donation we can be well on our way to launching this revolutionary app this year.
The first part of funding is to build the app. This will be a complicated and detailed process as we need to make it as user friendly and as secure as possible. We absolutely don’t want another track and trace debacle,  we have a strict budget and know we can create a great, efficient app without wasting millions.

We will need to build a website and be on all the major Social Media platforms to keep users fully informed of all Safely updates.
We want to create a real community of people passionate about the safety of women.
The festive season is the most prevalent time where harassment & attacks on women increase. We aim to launch December 1st to be ready to support our users.

To do this we need to hit target. We have a top tech team ready to work as quickly & efficiently as possible to make sure we are ready. Everyone involved in the project is totally committed and passionate about women’s safety.

When we hit target, we want a big push for extra funding, the app itself will cost around £150k to build.
Also, extra funding will be used to create our call centre which will be open 24/7 - 365 days a year. We will have fully trained staff to help with all levels of emergency and a commitment to answer every call within 3 rings or less.



The levels of rewards are to made to suit all budgets. The more you donate. The more rewards you can get. Please ensure to include all your details and your @ so we can fulfil the reward.

For the £10k advertising reward we will need a brand logo on PDF with website & social media links. We will send a brief for what is required and work closely with you to make the most of the advertising. 

For the price of a drink you can make a real difference and know that from day one of launch, our users are protected.

We can help push for more convictions and support women through the court system. We can help women feel safer getting home and you will know that YOU helped make it possible.


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