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by David Mahoney in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Creating apps and technology that make social and shared spaces safe from the threat of sexual, physical, and emotional violence.

by David Mahoney in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 9th February 2023 we'd raised £1,500 with 15 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We would begin to work on the algorithms that will help us detect spiking, alcohol poisoning or overdose events. It would also allow us to look to expand our technology into other environments, such as transport (i.e. buses, trains, etc.), stadia, parks and festivals and develop tech that supports more vulnerable groups, such as victims of stalking and domestic abuse.

We would also be ready for a commercial launch, which would see us grow and impact yet more people. 


Nearly every woman reading this has been inappropriately touched or sexually threatened, and yet only 1 in 4 go on to report this as a sexual assault. Sadly, many young women see being assaulted as a normal part of going out and most do not contact the authorities as they have little confidence the police will act. Unfortunately, this view is grounded in fact as only 1.3% of reported incidents result in prosecution

For young men, the threat is far more likely to be physical violence and most report being threatened, or being attacked, when on a night out. For security guards it is even more prevalent, with many reporting it is a weekly occurrence, often accompanied by racist and/or verbal abuse. 


These incidents often happen metres away from trained personnel, who are and trained to ready to help, but are often completely unaware an incident is happening at all. The Safe N Social app connects patrons directly to door staff or medics, activating an alarm and streaming the event from their phone. For security/health professionals receiving the alarm it details where the patron who activated the alarm is in the building (or outside), and charts the fastest route to them. We also securely store and log the footage so it can be used to assist them to prosecute any potential perpetrators.


In phase 2, we will link customers' wearables with the app and use health data algorithms to identify anyone who has been spiked, attacked, or is suffering a serious health incident (i.e. heart attack) or physical trauma. The alarms will then be sent to the most relevant local resource (i.e. medic for OD, security for trauma). 



Our team includes real heavyweights and real talent from a range of backgrounds.

David Mahoney, CEO and Co-Founder:  Comes from sales and recruitment background where he was a top-performing sales leader specialising in new market entry with companies such as Robert Half and Korn Ferry.

Claire Bennett, COO and Co-Founder: An experienced Project Manager within financial services, previously with RBS and more recently pursued a career within academia and Psychology before working with David.

Marc Hollyoak, CTO: Previously CTO of Innovation at HP and was an early pioneer of GPS (he was on Tomorrow's World twice!). Also one of the founding members of First Telecom which he exited for £500m

Molly Sishton, CMO: A highly experienced marketing strategist with a strong content marketing and PR focus. 

Cameron Roriston, Germany Country Manager: is an ex-security professional, and ex-Royal Marine and has excellent connections within the security and night-time industries. 

Mandy Adacen, PMO and EA: Our organiser, researcher, and general do-it-all.



To date, we have developed a working prototype and completed the Proof of Concept (PoC) work (i.e. testing that proves the idea works in practice). We have identified and established our technology and supplier partnerships, developed a clear business plan, have industry relationships that we are ready to monetise and a clear technology development plan in place.  

Our business model is a software as a service (SaaS) model with a product element. The technology itself has the potential to be ubiquitous, as it can be deployed almost anywhere. In fact, we are in communication directly or indirectly (i.e. with associations who represent) universities, clubs & bars, festivals, transport, local and central government, and an alcohol manufacturer. We have interest both in the UK and Germany for our service.



We have come to the point where we need to start fundraising. To do this we need to register for a government scheme called the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). These  allow investors to offset up to 70% and 50% (respectively) of their invested capital against tax. This massively reduces their risk, thereby increasing the attractiveness to invest in us. To do this we need to pay for legal and financial due diligence, which will cost us £1500. 



Once we have concluded this raise, and completed the proceeding due diligence we would then raise a further £620k in two rounds. The first round is £100k SEIS Seed round. This would take us from PoC to a commercial product that we sell into venues. The second round of £520k would focus on growth and further technical development. This would include algorithms that, when connected to wearables, will protect people against spiking, overdose, alcohol poisoning and general adverse health events (i.e. heart attacks, falls, etc.) automatically alerting the nearest healthcare or security professional.



Many thanks for looking through our pitch, lets make social life safer!


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