Let's create a safe future for Camellia & family

by Donna Campbell in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Let's create a safe future for Camellia & family

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Let's come together & contribute towards building my friend Camellia's new life in a safe country, together with her 6 children.

by Donna Campbell in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom


I’m Donna, a passionate advocate for connecting hearts across continents. Through the inspiring work of The Hands Up Project, I’ve become friends with Camellia and her extraordinary family. Picture this: a world where borders blur and compassion knows no boundaries. 

Camellia has previously been an active Hands Up Project member, as an English teacher, connecting to classrooms all over the world to children in Palestine.

Camellia yearns for a future where safety is not a luxury but a birthright. Together, let's create a story of solidarity as we rally behind her family's journey towards a brighter tomorrow. Their dreams, intricately intertwined with aspirations of healing and empowerment, inspire us all.

Get to know Camellia's remarkable family: 

She has 3 sons Hassan (25) Fares (22) & Mohammed (14) and 3 daughters Bisan (25) Sandi (20) and Maisam (18). Each of her children are a testament to the power of education and determination. Their hearts are set on serving humanity, with two of her children about to graduate medicine, & two others studying medical engineering. They dream of making a difference, from pioneering medical breakthroughs to championing the welfare of animals.

I'll now pass you over directly to Camellia:

"Hello and thank you for reading this. I love the English language and encourage my students to learn it. Also, I am a friend of the environment, I worked with various international organisations to save the earth, I have many ideas, and I need to develop them in a safe place.

Who we are? We are the people of Palestine and we are the story now. The people who celebrate the day of peace on the 21st of September every year, full of hope to catch it once but in vain!! Do you remember The Toothbrush Story written by children from Gaza and published by The Hands Up Project? Lots of real horrible stories are acted without a transcript here in Gaza. My story briefly 

On Saturday morning, we were getting ready to go to school as usual. Suddenly, our life turned upside down. Actually, no words can describe our feelings of horror .We were stuck in the corner to protect our bodies. In six months, we became homeless, with no food, no water, no medicine, no hospitals & no education. It is a bad war that puts innocent people in graves, no one can stop this bad situation not even the throats of the supported people all over the world. If you want to help me and my children to overcome suffering and pain and stay safe I highly appreciate your help:

The boy in the picture is my son Mohammed in grade 8. I'm a teacher of English in Deir al-Balah Prep School, we are 8 persons.

We are human beings, we have dreams, we deserve to live safely like other nations, we hate war."

What can we do?

We have a powerful opportunity to unite and make a profound difference in Camellia's life. Together, we can provide the crucial support needed to bring Camellia and her family to safety, ensuring her children can continue their education and bring their incredible intellect to the field of medicine.


There is only portal to the outside world from Gaza is via the Rafah crossing into Egypt. This border is tightly controlled unless you're lucky enough to have a foreign passport, another country that's appealing for your escape, or approved medical treatment requirements in Egypt. For most people in Gaza including Camellia's family, the only way out is to pay. This costs $5,000 for each adult and $2,500 for a child (according to Palestinians who have recently fled). For most people it's a pipe dream to cover these costs, essentially leaving them trapped in Gaza. The border fee service is operating by an Egyptian company.

For Camellia's family, she really needs $40,000 to get everyone out, so £15,000 raised here does not cover the total cost. She will try to top up this fund through internal loans in Gaza, although this may be quite difficult. She might be in the horrible position where only some of her children can leave, splitting up the family. We really do not want that to happen so if we can keep pushing beyond £15,000, this would really help bring all of them to safety. I know this is a very ambitious target.

Every contribution will directly fund their travel arrangements and establish a secure place for them to thrive. Imagine the transformative moment when they step out of Gaza, knowing that our collective efforts made it possible. Your generosity and compassion can truly change lives. Thank you for considering this vital cause, filled with hope, love, and boundless gratitude

Donna & Camellia


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