S'wheat | The Bottle That's Made From Plants

by S'wheat in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

S'wheat | The Bottle That's Made From Plants
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Help us Save the Planet by Supporting the S'wheat Bottle! The World’s First Reusable 'Double-Ended' Bottle made from Plant-Based Materials!

by S'wheat in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With the extra funding you can help us get S’wheat into stores all over Europe, making the S’wheat Bottle available for everyone! We can also launch new colours exclusively for our Crowdfunder Supporters! Help us save the planet one S’wheat Bottle at a time.


We Are On a Mission to Reduce Plastic Pollution One S’wheat Bottle at a Time.

Our Planet is in Crisis.

To date the biggest polluter of our oceans is plastic bottles, no matter where you are in the world the damage that plastics have on the environment can always be seen. 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day in the UK alone, globally the issue is just as severe. This has devastating effects as 13 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the ocean which causes havoc on the eco-system. Thankfully, many individuals have decided to switch to reusable water bottles.


Like many people we were sick of buying so called ‘reusable’ water bottles to then throw them away a couple weeks later, we found many problems with traditional water bottles.

We hated using Plastic bottles not just due to the damage they cause on the environment but also because the numerous health studies that highlight how plastic leeches into our water. This ruled out the use of plastics but what about Steel? Being germ freaks we found steel to be the worst! Leaving metallic tasting water and a horrible odour, produced by the build-up of bacteria, due to the inability to efficiently clean it, we also found steel to be impractical for rigorous exercise due to its heavy weight. This left us with Glass which we found impractical to take on the go because of its weak durability.

What’s the point in owning a ‘reusable’ water bottle if it will only last 2 weeks? And then for it to be discarded to landfill adding to the plastic crisis. 

But fret not! We have the solution!


 The world’s first reusable water bottle made from plant-based material! We created S’wheat as a way to fight plastic pollution and stop single-use plastics from entering our oceans. S’wheat is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour due to the large amounts of bamboo and wheat straw so you never have to worry about odour. S’wheat has also been carefully engineered to enable access at both ends of the bottle allowing for easy cleaning and of course its dishwasher safe. Pretty “S’wheat” huh? Thanks to the S’wheat Bottle comprising of plants it will never harm the environment as it can biodegrade naturally so if it ever did end up in landfill or the oceans it would biodegrade hundreds of years faster than plastics and steels. 

S’wheat is:






Choose S’wheat and Help Save the Planet!


Our Project Roadmap

After 18 months of designing, testing and engineering we are at the final stage of our product production and now we need your help to run our first production line and get S’wheat out into the world. We aim to have our pledges delivered in time for Christmas.  





S’wheat is a Start-up company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded by Amee Ritchie and Jake Elliott-Hook. From being involved with our environment we noticed the number of plastic bottles being thrown into landfill and our oceans, with common reusable water bottles only adding to this problem due to being manufactured from non-biodegradable materials, such as steel, plastic and glass. When conducting market research, we found the biggest reason consumers threw away their reusable water bottle was because of the inability to be efficiently cleaned. This meant that we needed a strong plant-based material that was able to open at both ends, this led to the creation of S’wheat. S’wheat is as an opportunity to help the world by reducing large amounts of plastics from ending up in our oceans. For everyone 1 S’wheat bottle you buy, you save 1,460 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill!1564693181_img_0977.png



Now we need your help! We’re aiming to raise £10,000 which will go towards funding our very first production run. The more money you pledge, the more plastic pollution we can stop from entering our oceans! We'd love you to discover just how S’wheat our bottles are for yourself and so we’ve got some fantastic rewards (that are only available for our early backers) - treat yourself or someone you love and lets save the planet.





Want to write an article about us? Download our press kit here:   

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What is included in the starter kit?

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Stainless Steel Straw (with cleaning brush+ carry case)
  • Bamboo + Charcoal Toothbrush
  • Fruit + Veg Bag made from recycled plastic bottles

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can contact us at [email protected]

I have a wheat/gluten intolerance, can I drink from a S'wheat Bottle?

Yes due to our manufacturing processes, everyone can drink from a S'wheat Bottle!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£80 or more

The Ultimate Family Pack | 4x S'wheat Bottles

Save £20 plus free delivery! The ultimate family pack gives you 4 x S’wheat bottles in the colours of your choice. Help your whole family reduce plastic waste. Also makes a great gift for friends! (Christmas is just around the corner!!) Now that’s a S’wheat deal.

£25 or more

S'wheat Bottle | Early Adopter -Choose Your Colour

You will be among the first to receive a S'wheat Bottle in the colour of your choice! Free UK Delivery! We Thank You & Our Planet Thanks You.

£35 or more

33 of 50 claimed

S'wheat Bottle + Eco Starter Kit

You will receive a S'wheat Bottle in the colour of your choice alongside our Crowdfunder exclusive starter kit, including everything you need to live plastic free daily! The starter kit includes: - Stainless Steel Straw (with cleaning brush) - Bamboo + Charcoal Toothbrush - Fruit/Veg Bag made from recycled plastic bottles - Canvas Shopper Bag

£45 or more

A S'wheat Duo | 2 x S'wheat Bottles

You will receive 2 x S'wheat Bottles in the colours of your choice. A great option to gift to a loved one (or keep for yourself- we don't judge!) Free UK Delivery + Saving 15%!

£200 or more

S’wheat Launch Party + S’wheat Bottle

Join us and our most valued supporters for a delicious long lunch, as we celebrate our first step in helping clean up our oceans, one S’wheat Bottle at a time. (Location: Edinburgh) Includes a S'wheat Bottle in your choice of colour.

£600 or more

A S’wheat Supporter

Do you want to become a supporter of the S’wheat Solution? Reduce plastic waste in your office? Encourage staff/colleagues to drink more water? Become one of our founding supporters and we'll give you all the S’wheat Bottles you need (up to 50), 2 invite's to our Launch Party and all the love that you deserve!

£1,500 or more

A S'wheat Corporate Deal

Employees want your business to make a sustainable difference? Looking to meet your companies CSR targets? Get co-branded S'wheat bottles for your whole team. Makes a great team Christmas present! (includes 150 co-branded bottles, more bottles can be negotiated if required please email us)

£5,000 or more

The Ultimate S'wheat Package

Become our biggest founding supporter and choose the name and colour of our next S'wheat Bottle + 250 x S'wheat Bottles + Starter kit + Private dinner with us! (If interested and want to know more please email us)

£20 or more

50 of 50 claimed

S'wheat Bottle | First Backers Limited Discount

Exclusively for our first 50 backers who get in quick during week 1. You'll be the first to receive our super S'wheat Bottle in a surprise colour! Free UK delivery and exclusive discount of 25%.

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