Rustic Retreats COVID 19 Rural Free Zone Farm

by Rev. Dr. Peter Paget in Gandesa, Tarragona, Spain

Rustic Retreats COVID 19 Rural Free Zone Farm

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We are restoring a 9 acre farm with 2 farmhouses 275 tree orchard/olive grove for patrons to stay or live in a COVID FREE ZONE RURAL SPAIN.

by Rev. Dr. Peter Paget in Gandesa, Tarragona, Spain

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th April 2021 we'd raised £632 with 5 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I have owned this 9 acre farm/orchard since 2003 and own it freehold. It is on Roman terraces with an earlier Neolithic sacred site (Ley Lines) in the Terra Alta (High Country) of Catalunya, Spain. It has run as 'Rustic Retreats' since 2006 but suffered a brush fire in 2020, which surrounded and scorched the exteriors of the two farmhouses on site, however it further sterilised the land but did not harm the trees. We only have a few thousand Pounds to restore the properties but plan to do so over 2021/2022/2023 to reopen as a Rural Camp ground and 'stone tents' site, which is COVID 19 Free. We were not insured for such a brush fire. A single volunteer is permanent on site and more free labour is needed to live free on site over the restorations; some may wish to take a twenty year lease on some part of the structures and help run the site for 'green tourism' and as a 'spiritual retreat' community when we are all allowed to travel again (From July 2021 perhaps?). We have options on other land/buildings in the area with a view to extending the 'spiritual village' over the years. This is a permanent non-profit project and after my passing (now 75) will be left in trust to continue giving a safe haven to sensible folk who will support their futures there.

I do not need any freeloaders or folk who are too spiritual to be of no Earthly good, but sincere patrons and involved practical people who want a safe and free organic (for the past 19 years)location  who can either contribute funding here and/or get involved.

I am up to speed with the legal documentation as experienced in International matters and all the buildings are "Habitations" and approved by the local Mayor so a legal residence site and not just an 'occasional Finca' occupation. It sits at over 1000 feet above sea level, surrounded by low mountains and 45 minutes from the Med. I will be making my own contributions financially to the project and this appeal is so that we may continue funding our restorations over the bleak year of 2021 with a firm eye on the long term future.

The Manager on site is English and also speaks French and is a legal resident of Spain; a process with which we are familiar, but after the 90 day (tourist) allocation can take some time to secure a "TIE" if one wishes to be resident for more than 3 months in any 6 month period.  All questions can be answered, but no time wasters please, as we are too busy just to chat for entertainments sake. Extensive parking for RVs (no wrecks please) and pitches for tents available in the valley I own, 4 km from the regional centre (pop. 8,000). You will have to be financially independent but overheads are modest to nominal, however you will need health insurance (128 Euros a month). We are looking to raise initially £30,000 (2021) or more if we are to expand and reopen for green tourism for 2022. The site/project has huge potential, and we are expecting to buy in other farms near by from £30,000 to £90,000 per unit, available now. However if you just want to support from afar a free vacation could be yours or if you want to get involved on site other than just as a temporary volunteer then think in the region of £40,000 for somewhere to live. All coming must provide two COVID 19 clear tests within a few days prior before coming on site (Required). VXX qualification is not required at this time but is subject to future Government entry requirements, over which we have no control' 'Bubble' sensible measures will apply, social distancing for visitors and masks when indoors and with other guests.

Very sincerely,

Rev. Dr. Peter Paget

British Citizen born London. Writer and retired Television Producer, acknowledged at MEDies for Ocean Ecology Research. (Books on Amazon Books for Ref.)



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Free camping ground pitch for 3 days at Rustic Retreats when available and as 'lock down' regulations allow. Free RV pitch for 3 days. Both offers apply annually, ie. once a year, more input more free bees.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Opportunity to stay free, bring your own tent and food for the lovely harvest season in the Autumn every year in October and November, Almond and Olives. Make new International friends. No pitch fees and max stay 90 days (EU regulations) unless you want to live here permanently in which case we will help with paperwork but you need over £6,000 in the bank and health insurance 128 per month (required).

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