Russet Greyhound Christmas Fundraiser

by Arron Dickens in Black Rock, England, United Kingdom

Russet Greyhound Christmas Fundraiser

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Running around outside is a vital part of greyhound rehabilitation - We need your help to purchase new fencing to keep them safe

by Arron Dickens in Black Rock, England, United Kingdom

Current Situation

Because the Greyhound Trust gets a large amount of its funding from the racetracks and trainers involved in greyhound racing, the amount of money available to cover the costs involved with caring for and re-homing greyhounds has been greatly reduced in 2020.

Further to this, Russet Greyhound Sanctuary usually holds a Christmas open day event that helps to raise money for upkeep - obviously this year that event sadly can't go ahead.

The focus this year was to update and replace the fencing which surrounds the outdoor enclosures, ensuring the dogs can exercise in a safe environment. This is vital so that dogs that have come straight from the racetrack can be rehabilitated and get used to socialising together.

Being able to exercise outdoors with other dogs helps them on their journey to finding a forever home (and permanent comfy sofa!), and ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible.

We would also love to give the dogs a special Christmas treat, so if there are any remaining funds after purchasing the fencing materials, it will go towards this!



Russet Greyhound Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes greyhounds after they have spent time on the racetrack. Based in Cornwall, they have re-homed an incredible 1,400 beautiful greyhounds since 2006.

Supported purely by donations from those offering a greyhound a forever home, dogs are placed at the sanctuary by the Greyhound Trust - a national charity that has centres all over the UK.



This is a very difficult time for all of us, and of course, people will be rightly ensuing that their nearest and dearest are taken care of as a priority. However, anything you are able to contribute will be gratefully received.

Any help that you can give to Russet will be used 100% for the care and welfare of retired greyhounds. They thank you in advance.

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