Food Bank Services & Christmas

by Okehampton Community Kitchen CIC in Okehampton, Devon, United Kingdom

Food Bank Services & Christmas

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We are expanding our rural food bank and support services and bringing more food into the area. This includes Christmas packages.

by Okehampton Community Kitchen CIC in Okehampton, Devon, United Kingdom

  • Okehampton Community Kitchen CIC won the FSB Community Award 2023. We have since grown and are the only rural food support delivery service covering a such a huge area, much of Dartmoor up to Meeth. We recognise our basic food parcel is a sticky plaster,  it doesn't help next week and sadly people need more support. Our slow cooker and recipe kit packs teach people how to cook affordable, nutritious food. They give empowerment and choice. We are urgently needing to increase this provision in order to reduce the need for people to use our basic food bank service.



Your support will ensure that local people gain access to food when they need it most. This might be due to illness, financial change of circumstances, bereavenent, loss of housing, gaps in care and more. The money will also support Okehampton Community Christmas and cover emergency food bank top up packs and recipe kits. We also hope to keep our community pantry topped up with surplus food redistribution.

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Why are we crowdfunding?

We are a community interest company but with zero employees. No directors gain financially either although one day we hope to provide local employment. We sell catering services and take aways but it isn't enough to cover our food bank expenses yet. We hope that one day we won't need to ask for money but as an infant organisation we need donations and grants still. Our  charitable business model won us a prestigious award from the Federation of Small Businesses. 


How we’ll spend the money raised.

We need bulk supplies for our recipe kits, slow cookers and we need packaging for our homemade community meals. We will purchase the ingredients we don't get donated.



If you are still reading, here is a bit more detail about us.

Okehampton Community Kitchen CIC Mission Statement

"Okehampton Community Kitchen is dedicated to nourishing lives and fostering strong, resilient communities by sharing food. Our mission is to provide essential support, nutritious meals, and cooking resources to individuals facing challenges such as disability, loss of income, end-of-life care, or sudden life changes. We believe that sharing food is a catalyst for positive change, and together, we cook up hope, dignity, and empowerment, one meal at a time."

Aims and Objectives of Okehampton Community Kitchen.


Nourishing Lives
To provide essential nourishment via our food bank to individuals and families in need within the Okehampton community, addressing issues related to food insecurity, disability, loss of income, end-of-life care, and sudden life changes.

Strengthening Communities
To foster a sense of belonging, unity, and resilience among community members by creating a supportive network that goes beyond food provision and provides longer term solutions to acute food bank need.

1694506806_screenshot_20230112-194109_gallery.jpgEmpowerment Through Food
To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to cook nutritious meals, reduce food and electricity bills, and improve overall well-being.

Sustainable Impact
To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of Okehampton Community Kitchen, both in terms of services provided and community engagement. To bring in as much food as possible from the surplus food chain and redistribute it.


Food Assistance
- To distribute slow cookers and affordable, nutritious recipe kits to individuals and families in need.
- To offer a consistent supply of fresh, healthy ingredients to complement the slow cooker kits.

Cooking Workshops
- To host regular cooking workshops that teach essential cooking skills and promote healthier eating habits.
- To make these workshops accessible to a diverse range of community members.

Catering Services
- To provide high-quality catering services for events, gatherings, and local businesses to generate income for sustaining the organization.
- To create job opportunities and skill development for volunteers.

Weekend Take Away Food
- To offer delicious options on weekends, providing both convenience and financial support for the organization.

Volunteer Engagement
- To recruit, train, and retain dedicated volunteers who share our passion for all things community.
- To recognize and celebrate the contributions of volunteers regularly and help them achieve and goals they may be working towards.

Rural Outreach
- To expand outreach efforts into remote and underserved areas within the rural community.
- To join with local partners and organizations for more extensive coverage.

Community Collaboration
- To work closely with local businesses, schools, and healthcare providers to identify and support individuals and families in need.
- To engage in community-building activities and partnerships.

- To promote sustainability through the use of energy-efficient slow cookers and the encouragement of both growing and using local, seasonal ingredients.
- To minimize food waste and environmental impact in all operations.

Financial Stability
- To ensure the financial stability of Okehampton Community Kitchen by diversifying income sources, including catering, donations, and grants.
- To manage finances responsibly and transparently.

Communication and Education:
- To maintain an informative and engaging online presence through the website and social media to keep the community updated on services, events, and educational content.
- To educate the community about the importance of nutrition, food budgeting, and sustainable cooking practices.

These aims and objectives collectively guide Okehampton Community Kitchen in its mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those it serves and to create a stronger, more resilient community.


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