Running from Extinction 2021

by Raptor Foundation in Alconbury, England, United Kingdom

Running from Extinction 2021


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To cover 750 miles by bike and treadmill over 8 days to raise money for our bird of prey Rescue charity, while also donating 20% to the IVP.

by Raptor Foundation in Alconbury, England, United Kingdom

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M Jordan 18th February 2021

Brilliant work guys! I've been learning more than I expected from your talks and I've found it really engaging (and entertaining) to have on while I've working.


This project offered rewards

£1 or more

We will say thank you and hello !

we will give a shout out to you or a loved one when we are live ! remember to leave a name !!

£4 or more

give us a break

give one of our keepers a 10 min break and add half a mile to the total!

£5 or more

We will sing Happy Birthday to a loved one !

we will sing you or a loved one happy birthday (great for embarrassing any one in your house hold)

£6 or more

Help us Run!

with donation put how many miles you have covered (in a day) and we will put half to total our our run. (to a maximum of 10 miles) P.S thank you we are unfit and need your help.

£10 or more

Punishment: backpack weight

Think we have it too easy, add weight to a keepers backpack for 30 mins (we will add a maximum of 3 sets of weights so if you donate when we are at the maximum weight we extend the time instead)

£25 or more

Ultra punishment : one keeper one heavy backpack!

The ultimate single keeper punishment..... you don't like one of our staff this is the reward for you !one keeper will wear a fully loaded backpack for 30 mins !

£50 or more

Make our keepers go extinct!

Dislike both our keepers, or you just like watching the world burn with this reward the incline and resistance on our equipment will be set to max and both our keepers will have on the punishment backpacks!!

£100 or more

The bronze show off. Pick any 2 rewards!!

With this donation you get any 2 rewards (available or not) as well as bragging rights and a free raptor foundation adoption of a bird or reptile.

£250 or more

The silver show off. pick any 3 rewards!

This donation includes any 3 rewards (available or not) along with a Raptor Foundation adoption, a private 30 min zoom call with any birds available birds and when we re-open we will even throw in a bird handling experience (30 mins with 3 birds).

£500 or more

The gold show off!!!

Has Elliots wish of a millionaire donating finally happened. After making jokes on flying displays for a couple of years asking. do you want to make his wish come true ? This reward contains everything from the silver show off, plus a full special day with our keepers when we re open for you and your family members (restrictions will apply according to covid rulings) this will include every aspect of our park and lunch.

£40 or more

Make a keeper wear a silly costume

during a teaching session one of our keepers will wear a silly costume to help us all learn ! (or hinder the other keeper) This reward has to be selected before the last teaching session on the 21st of feb

£60 or more

Save us !

You don't like us suffering do you? with this reward we will pause all punishments (not cancel them) and lower all settings on machines for 30 mins . This reward also includes a personal thank you a happy birthday if you so wish.

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