RSPCA London East Branch

To help animals in need in East London, and support pet owners in connection with animal welfare. We take in and rehome abandoned and mistreated animals, providing veterinary care and boarding.

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RSPCA London East Branch

Every RSPCA branch is a separate charity. We run the charity ourselves, as volunteers - that means we are fully responsible for taking in animals that need help; paying for their vet bills; keeping them safe and happy while they're in our care; finding homes for them; fundraising; doing the accounts; complying with laws; and trying to keep our charity afloat. We don't receive any government funding - it's people like you, donating, that is the one crucial factor in making sure we can help animals in real need and supporting the community around them. 

Covid has hit our fundraising hard at a time where many pet owners in our local community need some extra support to take care of their animals. Our resources are limited and we currently focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of cruelly treated or abandoned animals. Your donations could go towards helping us help owners in a way we don’t have the capacity to do at the moment, such as contributing towards vet bills. Our pets have been there for us through these tough times – lockdowns, working from home, mental and physical illness – and we want to make sure they’re taken good care of too. 

Our project aims to build engagement with and support the community in East London so we can help those owners and care for those animals that have no-one else to turn to. We can do this by: 

  • working with local food banks to provide free pet food to those who need it; they have reported particularly high demand for cat food so help is very gratefully received
  • raising awareness about animal care and neutering, and providing support to subsidised neutering schemes
  • rehoming animals, bringing joy to new owners and loving homes for animals in need 
  • engaging with volunteers, giving people the opportunity to learn new skills and interact with other people at a time when loneliness is at an all-time high
  • sharing our good new stories on social media, showing our supporters how their backing has transformed lives – every gesture makes a difference.

Things have been especially tough for people lately, but the number of animals in need doesn't drop. 

Sadly our branch has also seen a surge in abandoned cats and kittens over the last few months. Here are just a few that were found on the streets, often dumped in boxes with no covering or protection from the elements: Fizz, Pop, Sid, Rosie, Lucky, Huck, Flynn… the list goes on.

You can see videos of some of our cats on our YouTube channel.

Snap, Crackle and Pop were found dumped in a park. Snap had a bad limp and all three were showing potential symptoms of cat flu. This can kill young kittens within days, so they were lucky a kind member of the public took them in and called us. We got them straight to a vet and into a warm, safe environment where they blossomed into the happy, confident, playful kittens they should be. All three have now found wonderful new homes where they won’t go cold or hungry again. 


This is why we need your support, so we can make sure animals like Snap, Crackle and Pop get to live the lives they deserve. Please contribute for them!

  • £32 pays for a health check for a cat brought into our care
  • £22.50 pays for a male cat to be neutered
  • £20 could pay for medication for a cat in pain
  • £12 pays for one night of food and boarding for a cat
  • £5 could pay for some toys for a cat's boarding pen

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