"Ring Ring" - A horror short about grief and loss

by Adrian León in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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We're in the pre-production for our short film "Ring Ring" - help make this film a reality!

by Adrian León in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


It's the late '60s, the new age movement is thriving, and many seek solace in the esoteric. So does Lorenz after the recent loss of his mother. One day, he stumbles upon a mysterious red phone in an antique shop, that allegedly lets you speak with the dead. Seeing a chance to reconnect with his mother, Lorenz's journey takes an unexpected turn...



We aim to emulate the late '60s and early '70s aesthetic, drawing inspiration from both classic and modern films such as The Shining, Vertigo, Doctor Sleep, Carrie, and Haunting of Hill House. Our goal is to create a unique and beautiful look that enhances the story.




The project will be mainly run by Adrian, Eleisha, and Erwin. And in addition, we'll be working with a trusted and passionate crew of people we've worked with many times before.


ADRIAN LEÓN - Director

Adrian is a Spanish-German director currently living in London. He has made over a dozen short films and enjoys blending genres to bend audience expectations. His latest film, "Marvin the Vampire", is currently gaining much recognition at the festivals, and he hopes to extend it into a series.

Some of Adrian's work can be seen here.

Marvin the Vampire IMDB

Marvin the Vampire Instagram



Erwin Janke is an actor based in London. He was discovered in the German TV series 'Tatort' Hamburg, directed by Thomas Bohn. He trained under guidance of Charles Verrall in London and has since formed a creative partnership with filmmaker Adrian Léon. They've collaborated on various independent projects, including the acclaimed short movie 'Accomplice' and more recently 'Marvin the Vampire'.

Erwin will be playing the main character Lorenz.



Eleisha Rae Kennedy is a public historian and tour guide who also attended drama school and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She still enjoys acting in short films and theatre and has produced two plays. She is now working on a third! Like Erwin Janke, Eleisha is a regular actor and creative at RaLe-Studio Productions and also appeared in "Marvin the Vampire."

Eleisha will be playing the mysterious owner of the antique shop.



Debbie started her acting career with the late, great Anna Scher. She went on to study at Identity Drama School, where she received a standing ovation for her role in the end-of-term showcase For Queen & Country. She has since played roles in various productions such as Blood & Carpet, Violin, Thinking Out Loud, Final Score, Crying Sons, and In the Spotlight, to name but a few.

One day, Debbie was performing a powerfully quiet yet intense scene in drama class, showcasing an impressive range of emotions. After witnessing the scene, Adrian immediately knew she would be the perfect fit for this film.

Debbie will be portraying Lorenz's mother.



We strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible and aim to reduce our impact by:

  • Limiting the use of plastic on set (water cups, props, etc)
  • Using public transport or carpooling whenever possible
  • Renting costumes or second-hand clothes instead of buying new items
  • Providing a 100% plant-based catering for crew and actors, as the meat, fish, and dairy industries are leading causes of deforestation, species extinction, and CO2 emissions


We are currently in pre-production and aiming to move into production this August/September. To do so, we need to raise at least £6000. This will go into renting an antique shop or hall, camera gear, lighting equipment, props, costumes and insurance. Your funding will be used to help us shoot safely, provide lodging for our cast and crew, and cover travel expenses.

Where Your Donations Will Go


If we manage to raise £10,000, we would be able to cover all of the post-production costs and with £12,500 we'll have enough for the festival run. Making movies and getting them out there is sadly not cheap, but highly rewarding!

Thank you!

Thank you for making it this far. You rock! Your help makes a difference!

Lots of love,

Adrian, Eleisha and Erwin x


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The Creepy Old Phone!

You get digital access to the film + BTS photos + the actual phone from the film with a personal thank you note and a warning not to use it...

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In recognition of your outstanding contribution, you will be awarded the role of Associate Producer when our film premieres. This role also grants you an IMDb credit once the film begins its festival circuit. You'll be able to come along to all the screenings representing our film on the red carpet.

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