Revolutionizing Urban Farming with 3D Tech

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At Simply Grow Ltd, our aim is to revolutionize microgreens production by leveraging innovative technology and sustainable farming practices

by maciej-warkoczynski in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

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Our journey began in 2021, when a group of passionate individuals came together with a shared vision: to revolutionize microgreens production. From our humble beginnings in a tiny spare room, where we brainstormed ideas and tinkered with prototypes, to our current state-of-the-art facility, every step has been fueled by dedication and a commitment to sustainability. Along the way, we've faced challenges, celebrated successes, and grown as a team. Now, we're ready to embark on the next chapter of our journey, and we need your support to make it happen!

In 2022, we took a significant leap forward by relocating to a super small warehouse in Bristol. It was a tight squeeze, but it allowed us to expand our operations and accommodate our growing team. Then, in 2023, we made another exciting move to the Bristol Fruit Market – our current location and the heart of our operations. These relocations marked important milestones in our growth and evolution, propelling us closer to our vision of transforming the way microgreens are grown.

🌍 Why Microgreens? 🌍

Microgreens are nature's nutrient-packed gems, offering plenty of health benefits in each tiny leaf. These miniature versions of mature plants are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed, making them a concentrated source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. From vitamin C to potassium, microgreens boast an impressive nutritional profile, making them a must-have addition to any diet.

But it's not just about what's inside – microgreens are also bursting with flavour and texture, adding a vibrant touch to culinary creations. Their tender leaves and intense flavours make them the perfect garnish for soups, salads, and sandwiches, while their delicate crunch adds a delightful contrast to smoothies and wraps.

However, traditional farming methods often struggle to keep up with the demand for fresh, nutritious microgreens. Limited space, unpredictable weather, and soil quality issues can all pose challenges for growers, leading to inconsistent yields and compromised quality.

That's where Simply Grow comes in. By harnessing the power of 3D printing technology and hydroponic farming methods, we've developed a solution that maximizes space efficiency, conserves water, and produces high-quality microgreens year-round. Our innovative systems eliminate the need for soil, allowing growers to cultivate microgreens in any environment – whether it's a cramped urban apartment or a sprawling rural farm.

With Simply Grow, anyone can enjoy the benefits of fresh, sustainable microgreens, no matter where they live or how much space they have. So why settle for mediocre greens when you can have nutrient-packed microgreens bursting with flavour and goodness? Join us in revolutionizing microgreens production and take your meals to the next level!


🚀 Our Solution: 🚀

Our revolutionary system at Simply Grow is the culmination of cutting-edge technology and innovative farming practices. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and the efficiency of hydroponic farming methods, we've created a game-changing solution that addresses the challenges of traditional agriculture while maximizing productivity and sustainability.

Firstly, let's talk about space efficiency. Traditional farming methods often require vast expanses of land, limiting where and how crops can be grown. Our system, however, is designed to maximize space efficiency by utilizing vertical farming techniques. By stacking multiple layers of growing trays vertically, we can grow a significantly larger quantity of microgreens in a fraction of the space required by traditional farming methods. This not only allows us to make the most of limited urban spaces but also reduces the environmental impact associated with land clearing and deforestation.

Conserving water is another crucial aspect of our system. Traditional farming methods rely heavily on water irrigation, which can be inefficient and wasteful. In contrast, our hydroponic system uses a closed-loop water recirculation system, where water is continuously circulated through the growing trays, minimizing water usage and preventing nutrient runoff. This not only reduces water consumption but also helps to alleviate pressure on local water sources and ecosystems.

Furthermore, our system is designed to produce high-quality microgreens year-round, regardless of seasonal variations or weather conditions. By controlling environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and light exposure, we can create the optimal growing conditions for microgreens, ensuring consistent quality and yield throughout the year. This means that consumers can enjoy fresh, nutrient-packed microgreens whenever they want, without being limited by seasonal availability or geographic location.

And perhaps the best part of all is that our system is sustainable, eco-friendly, and adaptable to any environment. By eliminating the need for soil and pesticides, reducing water consumption, and minimizing carbon emissions associated with transportation, we're able to produce microgreens in a way that's not only good for the planet but also good for people. 

In summary, our system at Simply Grow represents a paradigm shift in the way we think about agriculture. By combining state-of-the-art technology with sustainable farming practices, we're able to maximize productivity, conserve resources, and produce high-quality microgreens year-round, all while reducing our environmental footprint. So why settle for conventional farming methods when you can join us in shaping the future of agriculture?


🌱 Our Impact: 🌱

When you support Simply Grow, you're not just backing a business – you're investing in a vision for a more sustainable future. Your contribution will play a vital role in advancing our mission and driving positive change in the world of agriculture. Here's how your support will make a difference:

Enhance Product Development: Your investment will enable us to continually refine and improve our systems, ensuring maximum efficiency, functionality, and reliability. By staying at the forefront of technological innovation, we can push the boundaries of what's possible in microgreens production and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Scale-Up Manufacturing: As the demand for our eco-friendly hydroponic systems continues to grow, your support will allow us to ramp up production to meet this increasing need. By investing in additional manufacturing capacity and streamlining our processes, we can ensure that our systems are accessible to more growers around the world, helping to accelerate the transition to sustainable farming practices on a global scale.

Boost Marketing and Outreach: Spreading awareness about the benefits of microgreens and sustainable farming is essential to our mission. With your support, we can invest in targeted marketing campaigns, participate in industry events, and forge partnerships with like-minded organizations to reach new audiences and educate them about the importance of sustainable agriculture. By raising awareness and inspiring action, we can create a ripple effect that extends far beyond our operations.

Provide Education and Training: Empowering growers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed is fundamental to our mission. Your contribution will enable us to develop comprehensive educational resources, host workshops and training sessions, and offer ongoing support to growers at every stage of their journey. By equipping growers with the skills and confidence to embrace sustainable farming practices, we can build a community of empowered individuals who are driving positive change in their communities.

Creation of New Jobs: Your support will contribute to the creation of new job opportunities within our organization and throughout the supply chain. As we scale up our manufacturing operations, expand our marketing efforts, and broaden our outreach initiatives, we'll need to bring on talented individuals who share our passion for sustainability and innovation. By investing in Simply Grow, you're not just supporting our mission – you're also helping to create meaningful employment opportunities in communities around the world. From skilled technicians and engineers to marketing specialists and educators, each new hire represents a step forward in our collective journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable future. Together, we can make a positive impact on both the environment and the economy, creating a win-win scenario for people and the planet alike.


💚 Why Support Us? 💚

Together, we can forge a path towards a better future. Your support isn't just about helping us grow our business – it's about making a tangible difference in the world we live in. By backing Simply Grow, you're not only investing in innovative technology and sustainable farming practices but also contributing to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Your support will enable us to expand our reach, accelerate our impact, and drive positive change on a global scale. Whether it's enhancing our product development, scaling up our manufacturing operations, or boosting our marketing and outreach efforts, every donation you contribute will help us move closer to our goal of revolutionizing microgreens production and promoting sustainable agriculture.

But the benefits don't stop there. As a token of our gratitude, we're offering some awesome rewards for our backers. From exclusive access to our products and behind-the-scenes updates on our progress to  VIP invitations to special events, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, but you'll also be treated to a range of exciting perks that showcase our appreciation for your generosity and support.

So join us on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a real difference in the world, one microgreen at a time. Thank you for believing in our mission and for being a part of our community. Your support means the world to us, and together, we can achieve great things.


🌟 Join the Movement: 🌟

Are you ready to be a part of something big? Together, we can revolutionize microgreens production and pave the way for a greener, healthier world. Join us on this journey and let's grow together!

Thank you for your support!


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Customized Hydroponic System

For top-tier backers, we offer a customized hydroponic system to meet their specific needs and preferences, complete with personalized consultation and support. This represents a 20% discount compared to our standard price. Assembled Dimensions: H 137.2 x W 91.4 x D 35.6 cm, including LED lights, circulation pump, and timer, allowing you to grow 9 trays. This Plug and Play system allows you to grow your herbs and microgreens hydroponically.

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Fully Equipped Hydroponic Farm in 40Foot Container

Dive into the world of sustainable farming with your very own fully equipped microgreens farm housed in a 40-foot container. Experience the joy of growing fresh, nutrient-rich microgreens year-round, all within the convenience of your own space. This price reflects a 20% discount compared to our standard price.

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