Reviving Female Scholarship

by Women's Muslim College in United Kingdom


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Help us revive female scholarship and empower Muslim women to positively contribute to society as great ambassadors of Islam.

by Women's Muslim College in United Kingdom

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Azra 16th October 2020

Please keep me and my family in your duas much needed. Protect us from all harm and evil and pray for justice against those who do evil

Zahida T Azam 12th October 2020

May Allah bless you abundantly for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring our beautiful Islam continues to thrive in the hearts of our future generations in sha Allah Ameen ❤

Halima Khandia 8th October 2020

SubhaanAllah!! May Allah taala bless everyone especially Dearest Shaykha who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to empower muslim women. May Allah taala bless each donor and may the goal reach beyond £5,000 🙏.

Mohammed humza kulzir 28th September 2020

May Allah bless you and grant you success. May the students become beacons of light for this ummah may everyone who studies with you become from the the people of adab the people of sincerity may Allah bless you all with every good thing and protect you all from every bad thing. May Allah grant you and the students success for the sake of sayiduna Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi wa Salam ameen

M.Q 28th August 2020

May Allah grant Muslim Women's College success & may it continue to produce the highest calibre of female scholars Ameen

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