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Mind in Bexley and East Kent, exists to promote the preservation of mental health and to assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorder or conditions of emotional or mental distress requiring advice or treatment within Kent, and in particular, Bexley, East Kent and its environs, in association with the Charity MIND and in accordance with the aims and objects of the Charity MIND. Revival, East Kent Mind, is the Mind in Bexley and East Kent Social Enterprise based in Whitstable, it works within the charity to raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and support those with mild to moderate mental health concerns. This is achieved via peer support and mentoring, wellbeing initiatives and employment opportunities via its dynamic multi-use community café and wellbeing hub. Revival works in accordance with Mind in Bexley and East Kent's aims and objects to promote the preservation of mental health and to assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorder or conditions of emotional or mental distress requiring advice or treatment within Kent, and in particular, Bexley, Whitstable and East Kent in association with the Charity MIND and in accordance with the aims and objects of the Charity MIND. The Revival premise at 58 High St, Whitstable offers enormous opportunities to expand and develop creative wellbeing within the community, with a vibrant and inclusive café, natural areas, multi-function seating areas, tea bar, youth café, workshop/training space and so much more enabling Revival to support the community and better respond to mental health need.

Mind In Bexley and East Kent

This page was specifically set up for our Social Enterprise, Revival.  This is a self-funding enterprise bringing mental health and wellbeing to the heart of the High Street.

We are sharing their story:

Join us as we build Revival’s NEW HOME - a thriving, creative and dynamic COMMUNITY CAFÉ AND WELLBEING HUB in the heart of the High Street.


Help raise £25K to reopen the doors of Revival, a self-funded social enterprise, not-for-profit set up by the charity MIND in Bexley and East Kent, working to raise awareness, challenge stigma and support mental health and wellbeing. Back in February 2021, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Revival was evicted without any notice, our social enterprise café in Whitstable found itself without a home.

Mind in Bexley and East Kent has invested in the community via the purchase of a building, its development, upkeep and ongoing costs such as the mortgage etc. are all Revival’s responsibility.  This building meets the criteria we require to expand and develop our initiatives:

•    Weekly facilitated peer support groups – MenTalk, Women’s Wellness and Walking for Wellbeing 

•    A safe space if needed with friendly informal support from trained staff

•    Wellbeing workshops, training and initiatives

•    Creative mental health support

•    Youth café

•    Space for local wellbeing practitioners to hire/utilise the space

•    Community events and fundraising initiatives

"Knowing that I can go to the peer support group every week is such a comfort, being with people that just understand is so important to me, it can be so exhausting pretending to be ok all the time" (Participant, Women's Wellness peer support group).

"The MenTalk group has given me the confidence to speak up about my depression...after an up and down week I can't wait to go, I open up more and get great support" (Participant MenTalk peer support group)


This investment in the community will allow us to grow alongside the needs of, not only Whitstable, but all within East Kent and our visitors to the area, now and for generations to come.  Our vision for Revival includes:

•    A quiet nature space with living plant and water features

•    Wooden booth seating for quiet dining

•    A shop area for Revival merchandise and local creatives

•    Children's area with creative space, play space and reading area

•    Workshop and training room, also available for local wellbeing practitioners

•    An outside potted garden and seating area

•    Bring back our vinyl decks


But like so many of us the building we have found needs a really big hug, neglected for years and open to the elements it requires serious, but achievable, renovation.  We know we can do it; and are so grateful for all the positive support and feedback we have received from our community so far; we now need to turn this into the cement and plaster we need to literally lay the foundations for our wonderful mental health community.



What can you do to help?

We know so many of you will be keen to support us and help fund the extensive renovation and refurbishment of our new building.  As we are starting from scratch your donations will help us with the materials to build Revival but will result in a mental health and wellbeing hub for all.

How your donations could be used: 

£10 would buy approximately 2 bags of much needed plaster or cement

£20 would buy approximately 10 metres of treated timber (we need lots!)

£30 would buy approximately 3 plasterboard sheets or 1sqm of flooring

£50 would buy decorating materials such as paint, wallpaper etc

Larger amounts would of course be gratefully received and will contribute towards:  

Fire doors, noise and fire-retardant ceiling boards, accessible toilet, patio doors, booth seating area, electrics and plumbing, flooring, decking and labour.

If you are a business and would like to sponsor any part of the renovation, we would be delighted to hear from you, please contact us via email: [email protected].  Travis Perkins in Canterbury have already kindly contacted us to say they will donate some materials to #rebuildrevival.

All donations given may be accompanied by the name of a loved one in memory of, or recognition of someone who has helped you through a challenging time.  These names will be kept together in a book of inspiration that would sit proudly within Revival, to ensure that they too are part of the community build.

Now, more than ever, we need safe, accessible and effective mental health spaces, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England alone.  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly seen a deterioration of general mental health and an increase in numbers needing support.  We have the opportunity, with your support, to make a difference and ensure mental health and wellbeing remains a visible and important priority.  Revival’s new home will allow us to create something wonderful, a truly unique vibrant space offering employment, a place to meet, eat and socialise, attend workshops, training, wellbeing therapies, community groups and events, facilitated peer support and mentoring, access information and onward referrals to other local support networks and so much more – a hive of community activity and support and a vital community asset.  

We're so grateful for your support and look forward to sharing our exciting journey with you all!


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