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Empowering learning disabled 16-30 year olds through art and creativity, together making their designs into retail products

Revere Community CIC, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals with learning disabilities aged 16-30 within the creative industries. Our business operates both online and through a physical location in Hackney, London.  We are committed to providing interactive and engaging creative workshops, artistic exhibitions, custom designs and art pieces, design brief projects for corporate creative companies, and social integration events tailored to our Revere community.

Kate Revere our founder is inspired by her learning disabled, autistic, deaf daughter Piper who creates her art, notes to her imaginary boyfriends that also have a magical way of connecting with people on many levels.

Kate knows that less than 5% of people with learning disabilities are in employment in the UK and felt that she need to create a safe, inclusive and inspiring place for Piper and her peers.  So she launched their own shop Revere the Residence. Over the past few years of having over 50 volunteers with learning disabilities running the shop that the young adults artwork was just if not more beautiful, funny and interesting then the more established mainstream products she was selling so made it her mission to reinvest any money back into the producing their products.  The pride each Revere artist gets when they sell a card, socks or print they designed is invaluable.

Photos of Piper and two of her notes to her imaginary boyfriend Tony Thompson who m

Now Revere has a huge waitlist of young adults that are leaving the education system with no where to go and the increasing pressure from the cost of living crisis of meeting the shop rent, rates and bills.

This crowdfunded is to release that pressure, create more art workshops, invest in products made by the Revere artists to wholesale and online, which will create additional jobs too for the ones who don't like to design but enjoy putting packages together to sell.  

Revere artists have designed for Vivienne Westwood, Wellcome Collection Museum, Holly & Co, See you in Stokey, Location Location and Hackney Council.

Please help us in giving more opportunities, changing that statistic and most importantly not for pity or praise but to level the playing filed

Photos of Piper Revere with her of her notes to her imaginary boyfriend Tony Thompson, 'I'd date you for a hundred lifetimes' 'This is not my idea of a swell time' and 'Okay Bye

Beth Beaumont-Epstein who is a big Swift fan with her artwork that is a top seller

Artwork by Darnell and a recent email from his Mum





Until he started volunteering for you, he was really depressed and didn’t have a single friend. His life lacked any purpose and there were no autism groups where he could be supported, none that were even suitable for him and all the groups have a cut off of 25. I was constantly worried about his mental health and quality of life.

Working at Revere has changed all of that. It has given Darnell the opportunity to make friends in a safe environment, given him a reason to look forward to the day and an immense amount of self esteem and pride. 

We are truly blessed to have found you and Revere, Kate. 

Thank you so much for all you do.


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£50 Reward=Notes by Piper A4 Print of your choice

Revere artist Piper writes notes to her imaginary boyfriends. 'You make me think that you will change my life', 'I'd date you for a hundred lifetimes', 'This is my idea of a swell time', 'Okay bye' Piper only started to read and write when she turned 16 and now is able to express herself through her notes that also have a magical connection to so many

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