Resurface the Suspension Bridge Playground

by Councillors Paula O’Rourke and Katy Grant in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Resurface the Suspension Bridge Playground

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To raise at least £20,000 to completely re-engineer and resurface the play ground to extend the life of the play equipment. No more muck!

by Councillors Paula O’Rourke and Katy Grant in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


We have received lots of emails about the play park being unusable due to the muddy conditions and the wet surface is limiting the life of the very costly play equipment. We met with BCC maintenance and asset officers who informed us that the problem is caused by poor drainage due to the play park being situated over hard rock. Efforts to dress the area with bark, etc., will not work for any length of time.


The solution is to drill into the hard rock underneath the soil to put in a drainage system.  Only when that is done, can a new surface be put down. The new surface could be ‘wet pour’ which is the colourful spongy material seen in other playgrounds.  But this permanent fix won’t come cheap!


Bristol City Council maintains the play area but it is on Downs land.  Unfortunately, both organisations have been hit hard by the pandemic and have lost a huge amount of income.  The events on the Downs which bring in the income to manage the area have mostly been cancelled, and BCC has lost income while having extra outgoings to pay for, as more people used outside spaces.

The Suspension Bridge Playpark has incurred extra wear and tear this year as it has been used much more than usual during lockdown.  

We believe that the community can come together to solve this problem.  We have been told that this crowdfunder has support and that citizens want to help solve this problem.   With finances so tight for both organisations, we know that,  if we don’t do something, this play area will continue to deteriorate and we could lose it if it becomes unsafe.

Please help.

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