Restore Parliamentary Standards-Fight Corruption

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Royaume-Uni

Restore Parliamentary Standards-Fight Corruption
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

It has now become absolutely clear that Johnson and his government are irretrievably corrupt , and the whole country must act

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Royaume-Uni

Just a few weeks ago, Mr Johnson and a number of his corrupt senior MP colleagues secured a vote in the House of Commons which would have "cleared" an MP, Mr Paterson , who was found by due process to have breached Parliamentary Standards in an extremely serious way. This vote was an act of corporate corruption , and it led to the creation of a campaign on :

The concept of the campaign is to begin to fight Tory corruption and restore political power to the people  of the UK in an initially rather gentle way, whereby over time, the constituents in every Tory held constituency will be able to vote, in an Informal Recall Petition , to gather information on the extent to which their MP is supported by his or her voters. This campaign is rather ambitious, because it will eventually need the creation of a nationwide movement. However, the process can start with just one constituency, and we suggest the first constituency should be Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

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