MORE billboards to #AbolishTheMonarchy

by Republic in London, England, United Kingdom

MORE billboards to #AbolishTheMonarchy


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Change the debate about the monarchy with a huge billboard campaign up and down the country.

by Republic in London, England, United Kingdom

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jacqueline lewis 8th June 2022

Thanks to Republic we have an organisation to lobby to get rid of this institution but it needs all of the citizens of this country to do something about it. Even joing Republic makes a difference It needs much more media attention and clamour from you young 'uns out there Don't get lumbered with this lot for the rest of your lives.

Joseph Dunford 5th June 2022

Of course Queen Elizabeth II has been a wonderful individual leader for this country and she has personally been rightly commended with her Platinum celebrations. But the terrible atrocities of the elitist Royal institution (racism, colonialism, slavery, blood-sports, inbreeding, Freemasonry, offshore wealth, warmongering, murder and persecution of minorities, globalism etc.) remain clear as crystal, and I am gratefully heartened by the rise in democratic republican sentiments in Jamaica, Australia and Northern Ireland, among others. And furthermore, as a Christian, I firmly hold the position that we are all equally accountable to God for our sins and our actions in this world and should never be given special treatment over others for any reason, hereditary or political (Acts 10:34, James 2, Romans 11-16). Time for a Great British head of state chosen by We the People. #CitizenNotSubject #MakeElizabeththeLast #AbolishtheMonarchy

Paul Gonnella 4th June 2022

I hope support increases dramatically after your brief appearance on the Propaganda Broadcasting Corporation's so called news programme. You could come up to Scotland and carry out another survey. I'm sure that will be an interesting result.

Haroon Hanif 3rd June 2022

Make Elizabeth the last! Time for a republic! I am sick of having our money taken to pay for a family that behave as though they're above us. It is outdated and frankly they do nothing to support the people.

Wendy Outwin 3rd June 2022

Poverty is everywhere in the UK. The Royal Family needs to be confined to the history books when the Queen retires. Let's elect our head of state.

FARROKH HORMOZ 2nd June 2022

The Monarchy had played its historic role which is full of blood and oppression. The civilization had moved on and matured, so it's time to change the last symbol of outdated system and move forward with the new system chosen by the people.

David Phillips 2nd June 2022

Elitism and birthright is an anachronism. If we want to be a forward looking fairer nation we need to elect our head of state democratically. Think about the system we have in this country. It’s madness and is a construct to keep unelected elitists in positions of power.

Paul Thomas Toland 1st June 2022

Make her the last! we do not need them!! Nothing more than an tax payer funded tourist attraction and novelty!! Anybody who think! Time to put the arguments that they bring in lots for the economy or do great things for the country to sleep! They do nothing in my name! Let her be the last!

Joseph Davies 31st May 2022

I object to the notion of hereditary privilege. When you see Charlie giving a speech at parliament on the cost of living crisis while a crown gets its own chauffeur-driven car, you know something needs to change. It's absolutely bananas.

John Lee Sullivan 31st May 2022

A great idea to get the message out to the British people and Government that is time to ABOLISH THE MONARCHY a feudalistic anachronism that has long outlived it’s use by date UP THE REPUBLIC

Janine chilvers 30th May 2022

The royal family, and in particular the entourage that hand on their waist coats are an entitled privileged elite that have no place in today’s society. This is an antiquated system and needs to end. They are NOT gods, they are mere mortals and citizens like the rest of us.

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