Remembering Our Mums : Expressions of Love & Loss

by Amelie Taylor in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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We want to produce a film which celebrates the therapeutic power that creativity has in remembering our loved ones and living with grief.

by Amelie Taylor in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Why are we Crowdfunding?

We are Crowdfunding to raise the money for a Videographer and Producer to pull together a high quality film, 'Remembering Our Mums : Creative Expressions Of Love and Loss' , which will premiere on Grief Awareness Day, 30 August 2021at 4pm  via the Expressions Of Love and Loss YouTube Channel.

This film will serve as a permanent record of the role that creativity has to play in remembering our loved ones and living with grief. 

We would also like to raise funds for PR support, which will enable us to reach a much wider audience. 

Who are we?

We're a team of ten people. Our youngest is 7 , our oldest, well ... much older. We're from different places : the UK, Mexico and Palestine. We have one big thing in common : our creativity is inspired by the love and loss of our Mums . 

How do we express ourselves? 

Day to day life often makes it hard to pay full attention to our memories of our Mums and our individual experience of grief. Through our creativity, we find a designated time and space to be truthful and open about our feelings. Some of us dance, sing, write music, write poems, draw, animate - this creative outlet helps us to express how we're really feeling, and to keep the memory of our mums alive. 

What will the film feature?

The film will feature our own original creative responses to the love and loss of our Mums. We have ten creative pieces currently in progress - dances we've choreographed, music we've written, songs we've composed, drawings we've sketched. Each of our responses pays tribute to our Mums : to the people they were, to our memories together and to our ongoing experience. 

In between our creative responses, the film will provide moments for contemplation,  inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences of grief .

The film will also feature a signposting list of grief organisations who can offer further support to bereaved people. 

What do we hope to achieve with the film?

At a time where an unprecedented number of people are grieving, we want to shine a light on the role that creativity can play in remembering our loved ones, and learning to live with our loss. This film will act as a permanent record of the therapeutic benefits of creativity. We want to inspire others to explore their grief creatively. 

What are our mid to long term ambitions?

We want to explore whether grief organisations, arts organisations and individual creative practitioners can work together to facilitate much-needed creative opportunities for people who have been bereaved. This film will strengthen the case for a cross-sector approach to supporting the many people who now find themselves bereaved in light of Covid19. 

Why support us?

Donations will enable us to achieve our ambition : to use this film as a way to shine a light on the role that creativity can play as we grieve. At a time when an unprecedented number of people are grieving, we feel the time for this is now.

By contributing to this Crowdfunder, you will be helping to realise the first step in a longer-term ambition to raise awareness of the value of creative therapies in bereavement , and to help more bereaved people access creative opportunities. 

If you feel inspired to donate, please click the 'Donate' button - thank you so much. 

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