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HWF Rooms is an initiative providing support in refurbishing staff rooms and rest facilities, to ensure that staff have quality breaks.

by NHS Million in United Kingdom

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On the 22nd November 2021 we'd raised £50,958 with 2176 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

£24,000 will help us to refurbish 12 staff rooms and resting facilities in hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK.

£30,000 will help us to refurbish 15 staff rooms and resting facilities in hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK.

£40,000 will help us to refurbish 20 staff rooms and resting facilities in hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK.

£50,000 will help us to refurbish 25 staff rooms and resting facilities in hospitals and healthcare settings across the UK.

NHS Million is partnering with The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation in order to increase staff wellbeing by transforming staff rooms and rest facilities within healthcare settings right across the UK.

NHS Million wants to raise £24,000 to refurbish 12 staff rooms and rest facilities via The Healthcare Workers Foundation.

The transformation of staff rooms and staff rest facilities are needed now more than ever as healthcare workers continue to work under incredible strain. 

Did you know that exhaustion or moderate sleep deprivation (i.e. being awake 16-18 hours) can have the same impact on reaction times as being at the legal blood alcohol limit for safe driving? We are asking these people to care for those who are most important to us: Our parents. Our friends. Our Children. Ourselves. 

Good care of NHS staff means better care for patients.

Problem 1 - Healthcare staff working over 13-72 hours need access to a staff room or rest facility.

One way we can help is by of focusing on supporting good quality breaks for NHS staff with comfortable facilities to eat, rest and sleep. Good quality breaks become even more essential when NHS staff are working long hours (13- 72 hours) and constantly rejigging shift patterns. 

This collaboration between NHS Million and The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation hopes to reduce the number of staff leaving the healthcare profession due to burn out and stress. It may even have an impact upon the lives of those individuals in other ways, because sadly, burnout, risk taking behaviour, divorce and suicide are more common in healthcare staff due to the challenges they face everyday.  

Problem 2 - Junior Doctors are at risk of losing their lives due to tiredness. 

Rest facilities are vital in keeping doctors and healthcare professionals safe. Driving home after being on call for 24-72-hour shifts can lead to fatal accidents and has been seen to contribute to the increasing mortality rate of junior doctors.

Have you heard of Lauren Connelly? A 23-year old Junior Doctor who was killed in a car crash, on her way home from work. She was just 7 weeks into her medical career and had been covering long hours, one stretch included her working 107 hours in 12 days. Or Ronak Patel who tried to keep himself awake singing before ploughing into a lorry, after a nightshift. He was 33 years old. These are just a couple of names, but there are more. Indeed, half of junior doctors questioned confess to having accidents or near misses after night shifts.

Providing a safe space to sleep and recover in between patient care is vital not only for patient safety and staff wellbeing, but also to ensure safe travel home. No-one should die because of their job. It literally saves lives; theirs and yours. 

Help us refurbish 12 staff rooms?

Healthcare workers are able to make an application for room refurbishments directly on the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation website.  It is a supported application – we will talk NHS staff through their needs, wish lists and facilitate these requests. Each application is tailored to the needs of each setting. 

We buy items such as sofas, beds and mattresses, blankets, coat and shoe storage, dining table and chairs, computer desks/chair, plants, curtains, coffee machines and radio/charging pods.

The impact is already there:

“We could not be more grateful to the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation for helping us renovate both our staff room and the on call room for ICU. Before doctors had nowhere to rest overnight, much less get their heads down before the drive home. As the tertiary centre many doctors are placed here from all over the deanery, meaning some are commuting over 3 hours a day. Being able to have a nap before the drive and get a proper coffee has made all the difference. The last 18 months have been tough on all of us, particularly spending hours in PPE without a place to have a proper break. Now we have a calming, restful environment where staff can actually relax and feel more restored before returning to their shift. It really has meant the world to us.”

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, ICU doctor.

“Thank you for your help in sourcing a fridge for our doctor's room. This room will be used for doctors having to stay in hospital overnight as a result of the change in work patterns due to COVID-19.” Doctor, Guy's Hospital

NHS Million are trying to find a million people who are grateful for NHS staff?

NHS Million was born in 2015. It is a morale platform for staff, run by NHS staff for NHS staff. It shares good initiatives and works as a positive press platform and supports projects which in turn support NHS staff. NHS Million has fought for and highlighted the challenges faced by NHS staff for the past 6 years. 

The Healthcare Workers' Foundation is the charity that will deliver the transformation of staff rooms and rest facilities?

Healthcare Workers’ Foundation is a charity which exists to support healthcare staff and students across the globe, although most of its work is UK based. It was realised during the pandemic during the PPE crisis.

This collaboration exists because we know life in the NHS was already tough after years of shortages of staff, resources and investment. Then the pandemic came along and everything has got even worse. This is a critical time for retainment of valuable and brilliant NHS staff.  The NHS was already struggling, but now we have the Covid-19 pandemic, and winter is imminent. Meaning an already exhausted workforce will be once again asked to do the impossible.

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!

Our aim is to increase wellbeing, welfare and ultimately protect those who are working tirelessly to keep us safe. As a team, we are passionate about this cause and we rely on your support to ensure we can directly respond to the requests of healthcare workers on the ground who are asking for help. 

Donations will allow us to support the very people who have put on a brave face during the pandemic and continuously cared for our loved ones. It is now our turn to give back to them. Your support will help us, to help them.


This project offered rewards

£2,000 or more

Sponsor a full room to add your name on the plaque

£2000 will allow us to refurbish a whole staff room. Donate £2,000 and we can add your name to the plaque that is put up in the room. Please email [email protected] to organise this.

£50 or more

Storage spaces for Healthcareworkers

£50 will help us to provide personal storage spaces when refurbishing staff rooms and resting facilities.

£100 or more

New Curtains

£100 will allow us to provide new curtains with blackout linings.

£200 or more

Bed for doctors who work over 24 hour shifts.

£200 will allow us to provide a bed in a rest facility for doctors on a night shift.

£1,000 or more

3 seater sofa, armchair and dining area

£1,000 will help us to provide comfortable seating areas which could include a 3 seater sofa (wipeable material), armchair (covid safe) and dining area.

£20 or more

Water filter jugs

£20 will allow us to provide water filter jugs in each of the rooms we refurbish.

£30 or more

Coffee Machine for every hospital we refurbish

A new coffee machine for NHS/Healthcare workers

£30 or more

Plants to help reduce stress and anxiety

£30 will help us to provide plants in rooms we refurbish, to help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

£30 or more

Kettle for every hospital we refurbish

A new kettle for NHS/Healthcare workers

£40 or more

Microwave for every hospital we refurbish

A new microwave for each room we refurbish.

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