Reform UK Sussex Weald - David Morgan

by David Morgan in Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Reform UK Sussex Weald - David Morgan

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Support Reform UK Candidate for Sussex Weald, David Morgan, to run in the general election on 4th July 2024.

by David Morgan in Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom

"Britain Needs Reform, Vote Reform"

Dear Reformers

Together lets focus on defeating and removing the tired, worn out, complacent legacy parties that have caused so much harm to our great country and have always taken votes for granted. Time and again we have seen that the Labour and Conservative parties will say one thing and then do the complete opposite, all they care about is getting back into power and will say anything to do so, including: "voting for a smaller party will be a wasted vote"or "voting Reform will just let Labour in". It's time that these parties are given a wake up call, we need real reform to ensure that everyone's vote counts.

I will campaign for an end to the immigration crisis that we're facing, freedom of speech and personal liberties, improved health care and a strong Britain both economically and militarily.

We live in a first world country and yet we can't enjoy a suitable standard of life because we struggle to keep warm, fill our cupboards, get NHS appointments and find suitable housing.

You can't put a cigarette paper between Tory and Labour party policies. We are left with a rag bag of career politicians who have never had a proper job, are detached from the real world and the struggles of everyday people. On top of that, the government has hit us with the highest tax burden in 70 years!! - Record debt, record borrowing and record waste - For too many work no longer pays whilst the cost of living crisis rages.

I currently work for a financial resolution company, where I have developed a strong sense of justice and fairness, something that is clearly lacking in this current government and the opposition parties for that matter! I would love to represent the hard-working people in the Sussex Weald constituency so that together we can mend our broken country. Any donations will be gratefully received, this will help bring about real change, and we need real change!....."Britain Needs Reform, Vote Reform."

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