Reform UK Sevenoaks - James Milmine

by Reform UK Sevenoaks James Milmine in Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom

Reform UK Sevenoaks - James Milmine

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Support Reform UK PPC for Sevenoaks, James Milmine, to run in the general election on 4th July 2024

by Reform UK Sevenoaks James Milmine in Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom

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Democracy only works when people have a genuine choice.

When the parties that stand make every effort to deliver on their pledges.

Yet, we have seen time and again that the Labour and Conservative parties will say one thing and then do the complete opposite.

They get away with this, because our electoral system is rigged to preserve two monolithic relics that are completely out of touch with the people of this country and the issues we all face.

They care only about one thing: getting back into power at all costs.

When our elected leaders, who should be defending our Democracy, are telling people that voting for a smaller party is a ‘wasted vote’ then that’s got to be telling you something. Our system is fundamentally wrong, and we need real and lasting positive change so that everybody’s vote counts.

More and more people in the Sevenoaks area are quite rightly frustrated by the failure of our government to deliver on promises made in manifestos. Instead of ensuring our roads are safe and pothole-free, that we can see a doctor or dentist when we need to and that we can travel around on our public transportation system, reliably, on time and at a reasonable cost, attention seems to be on banning a type of dog and smoking. Government and Councils are waging a war on motorists with ULEZ, LTN, fuel duties and rising taxation, disproportionately affecting hard-working people who rely on vehicles to get to work, often providing key public services. 

We have an energy crisis, a housing crisis, an immigration crisis, a health crisis, an economic crisis, councils are going bust, hard work is rewarded with higher taxation so more and more people are choosing not to work. This is broken Britain and I just don’t believe the party to fix it is the same one that bankrupted the country 14 years ago.

It does not have to be this way; Reform UK is a party full of people like you and me who want to see our Country get better, not worse. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is what we get when we vote Labour or Conservative, but Reform UK is different, Reform UK can turn our country around by focusing on the major issues and applying common sense. We don’t have to have pot holes in our roads, we don’t have to have long waiting lists in our national health service, housing can be affordable, crime can be controlled and our economy resuscitated, and Reform UK is the only party that has a plan to achieve all these things.

We need real change, we need Reform. I spent 16 years as a pilot in the RAF during which I lived and worked in England, Scotland and Wales and I’m convinced of the power of our Union and will fight passionately to preserve it. I’m at my best when things are at their worst and I would love to represent the hard-working people in the Sevenoaks constituency so that together we can mend our broken country.

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