Reclaim the definition of "sex" in Scotland

by Fair Play For Women in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Reclaim the definition of "sex" in Scotland
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Fair Play For Women

by Fair Play For Women in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Eluned Hawkins 2nd March 2022

It is absolutely vital to defend the long fought for, hard won, rights of women and girls, for separate safe spaces, correct health and crime data etc. and fair sports. To retain the right to use our names, "woman, women, girl, girls" and, among other things, to be able to use the long accepted names for parts of our bodies eg breast, womb, cervix, ovary etc. Otherwise, in a very short time, any acknowledgement of our existence as an embodied, female sex, will be removed.

Robert Small 2nd March 2022

I fully support your defence of your rights and expectation, eventually common sense will prevail over the minority of freaks.

Jan Skelton 25th February 2022

I’m sorry and stunned that two courts have upheld the decision that the sex question can be answered untruthfully. I am grateful for all you do to fight for accurate data collection. Solidarity!

N Griffith 24th February 2022

Thank you for standing up for the legal definition of the female sex. You cannot self identify your chromosomes. Surely trans people must want their numbers accurately captured for purposes of funding for services allocation etc? And that can only be achieved by collecting both natal sex and gender identity in the data set. It makes no sense to collect inaccurate data because then your conclusions become meaningless. It becomes a pointless exercise and not scientifically accurate from a statistical point of view.

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