Rebuilding garage souk

by [email protected] in Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

Rebuilding garage souk

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Rebuilding the garage souk l

by [email protected] in Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

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My name is Jihan Zahawi, I am a Psychologist and 

a Recycling and Up Cycling Designer. 

I believe in promoting home-made products in Lebanon.

This belief has been amplified after all of the calamities that this Country has been afflicted with.


I started Garage souk as an average Flea Market business that swiftly transformed into a personal initiative to empower women, students, the frail community of Mar Mikeal, and Beirut. But now we have people from all over Lebanon setting up stalls in our Market.

I believe in trying to give people the fishing Rod, not the Fish.

(we do not need food parcels we will buy them ourselves we need to work and earn our own money)

We believe in dignified and sustainable development.

Given the current circumstances I am trying to promote the fact that recycling is not only essential for our environment, but for our pockets as well.

I also try to remind people not to buy expensive products. The Dollar is skyRocketing and our poor Lira is declining. So let us use whatever is present in our surroundings to bring in the needed income


Garage souk is like a lock and each seller has many different keys …. One of those keys will work perfectly and will bring in the desired outcome even though we are all going through tough times.

It is imperative that we do not give up!

I have created family like Community that looks forward to meeting each other every friday, saturday, and Sunday,

Even when the Market is slow & people do not have money to spare, for petrol and buying the goods.

We still meet! It has become a therapeutic and soul cleansing exercise

For everyone. It is also bringing the street of Mar Mikeal back to life after what it went through on the 4th of August 2020.

I am trying to encourage different kinds of workshops at the garage. For example painting and drawing, sewing, plastic recycling etc...

Last but not least

I require assistance! This can not be done by one person!

If you could offer Garage souk lebanon and its crafters a space to have a monthly event

Maybe within your Center for a symbiotic benefit during these trying times.

Together we can provide ease!

Thank you in advance...

-Jihan Zahawi

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