Rebels In Prison Support

by Rebels In Prison Support in Preston, England, United Kingdom

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We support peaceful protesters & non-violent activists - making their experience of the prison system as comfortable as possible.

by Rebels In Prison Support in Preston, England, United Kingdom

Rebels in Prison Support (RIPS) exists to support peaceful protesters and non-violent activists, making their experience of the prison system as comfortable as possible, for them and their loved ones.

When it comes to the climate emergency we have no time left for traditional campaigning.

As inaction on the climate emergency continues, many concientious objectors will refuse to be complicit in this government's carbon death project, and will opt to sacrifice their freedoms if they have to, - aiming to make the changes we so desperately need - Like many others have done in the past. For example;

During the Freedom Rider Campaign, over 300 rebels were imprisoned.

During the suffragettes 40 year struggle for votes, over 1,000 women were imprisoned.

During the campaign for independence in India over 15,000 rebels were imprisoned.

Although origionally set up to support climate activists, we will support any rebel who has acted on behalf of any just causes, like the above, for example: Free Palestine actions, and animal welfare and safety actions.

We define peaceful / non-violent as: 'No harm was intended on any other being'.

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