Re-Elect Gavin Newlands

by John Shaw in Renfrew, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

Re-Elect Gavin Newlands

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An appeal to raise funds to be used to help campaign to elect Gavin Newlands, the SNP candidate in Paisley & Renfrewshire North.

by John Shaw in Renfrew, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Achieving our stretch target will allow us to target more voters and direct more material straight to the electorate between now and polling day.

I’ve had the honour of being MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North for 9 years.  Boundary changes means the constituency has changed – but my pride in representing our communities hasn’t. 

I’ve stood up for the people, groups, and businesses that make our part of the world what it is. 

Over those 9 years I’ve held over 1,000 advice surgeries, dealt with over 30,000 cases, and spoken 1,533 times in Parliament. 

I’ve served as the SNP’s Transport Spokesperson for over 4 years, speaking up for British Airways staff victimised by brutal fire and rehire tactics during the pandemic and held the UK Government to account on its endless failures. 

I’ve sat on the Westminster Transport Committee and highlighted how far ahead Scotland is compared to the rest of the UK, on rail nationalisation, active travel, electric vehicle infrastructure, free bus travel and much more. 

I’ve fought for WASPI women, against the rape clause, for the people of Gaza, against domestic violence, for football fans, against Trident, for human rights, and against the anti-democratic Unionist parties. 

And I’ve shouted from the rooftops at Westminster about the positive record of our SNP Scottish Government, how we are changing Scotland for the better, and how independence can transform Scotland even further 

We have a great story to tell here in Scotland – but we can only carry on that work by electing strong voices to Westminster to carry on the fight for the independence our country needs. 

Nearly 70,000 voters live in Paisley and Renfrewshire North.  Our aim is to deliver our message to all of them and speak to as many as possible over the coming weeks, as we have been doing for months. 

This will be hardest campaign we have fought as a party for a decade.  I’m confident we can win that fight, but we need your help to do it. 

That fight needs activists on the ground speaking to voters about our positive record – but it also needs money to pay for the resources they need to do their job. 

  • £20 pays for 1,000 envelopes to deliver our message directly to voters. 
  • £50 pays for 2,000 leaflets for distribution across the constituency. 
  • £200 pays a week’s rent on the campaign hub. 
  • £1000 would pay for postal delivery of over 1,100 target letters to supporters and undecided voters. 

Labour have already poured thousands of pounds into our constituency, funded by the big business donors that are looking forward to a bonanza under a Sir Keir Starmer government. 

We can’t allow them to win this election by default through a lack of resources on our side. 

The SNP are funded by our members and supporters, with no corporate donations. 

We rely on you to help fund the campaign we need to deliver to guarantee strong voices at Westminster – and every single penny helps. 

Please give whatever you can to secure an MP that stands up for Scotland.  Thank you. 

If you are in a position to donate more than £50 to the campaign, please be aware you name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate under UK law.  Your name, but not your address, will made be made available by Renfrewshire Council on request for a period after polling day. 

Promoted by John Shaw on behalf of Gavin Newlands, both at 57 Hairst St, Renfrew, PA4 8QU. 






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