Ramadhan Appeal

by Numan Kaji in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

Ramadhan Appeal


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Raise money for food parcels within India to support those affected by Covid-19 allowing families to open a fast with a suitable meal.

by Numan Kaji in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

Giving charity to those less fortunate and in need does not decrease one’s wealth. Indeed, the person who gives to charity will gain up to 700 times (if not more) in abundant reward, in the hereafter. Alhumdulillah by the blessing of Allah SWT and everyone’s generous donations last year, we have been able to reach and provide food parcels to various communities in need all over the world. Your continued support has allowed our efforts to feed families in less fortunate circumstances, in a number of locations including: India, Pakistan, Rohingya and a few other middle eastern countries.  Your donations have truly exceeded our expectations and have gone a long way to help those in need.

Now, as many of us are blessed with another fast-approaching Ramadhan, we want to continue providing as many food parcels as possible for communities and families in dire need of basic sustenance. Food parcels will include everyday food stuffs and groceries needed to feed a family of four. This includes essential items such as oil, rice, washing powder, dates, tea and sugar etc.

It is the most important basic right for a human being to open their fast with a suitable meal. This is where you come in. By donating any amount that you can, you are contributing towards helping families in India in their most valued time of need. Our team will organise food packages to feed a family of four throughout Ramadhan with all the essential foods required for the Holy Month.

This is your opportunity to make a real difference at a grassroots level. We ensure that 100% of your donation goes towards a much-needed food parcel. *Please see below for important information and please do share this page with your friends and family this Ramadhan. May Allah SWT bless us all with good health, prosperity and a peaceful Holy Month ahead. Insha’Allah, Ameen.

Details of donations this year; please in your comments advise of whether this is Zakat, Lilah, Sadqah or just donating. Or contact myself for further information*. If you do not list a comment – this will be assumed as option 1.

1. One full months food supply in India £18 (1700 rupees)

2. Water filter system (with side fridge) in India £715 (73000 rupees) & Small £500 (50000 rupees)

3. Water (Kuwar) in India £797 (81000 rupees)

4. Donations to less fortunate families in India and Pakistan – individuals are vetted to ensure they are eligible for zakat.

5. Donations towards building a mosque within India (a small rural village with less than 100 people - ongoing ) *

6. Sadaqah Fitar - £3.50*

Our management team will manage and fund all related logistics, including distribution, tracking and reporting. To ensure our work is accountable and transparent we receive daily updates from the team on the ground including suppliers.

Please if donating zakaat, crowdfunder assume a cut of 1.9% plus 23p.

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