Raising money to feed Yassine and his family

by Frank Taylor in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Raising money to feed Yassine and his family

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I aim to raise enough money to feed Yasisne and his family through the Coronavirus pandemic; they receive no support from Morroccan state.

by Frank Taylor in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Contact other families in a similar situation to Yassine and help them financially through the crisis. 

Many families in Morroco are going hungry during this pandemic due to a falll in tourism and a lack of support from the state. Everyone needs to eat; it's that simple. If you have a small amount of money to donate it would change the lives of Yassine and his family.

I first met Yassine in Essaouira and he's one of the best chefs I've had the pleasure of having cook for me - him and his food are the essence of love and care! He helped to run the Atlantic hostel (as well as being head chef there) which has a reputation for its hospitality and wonderful, caring staff. He and his family are one of many without food living in rural Morocco.

Anything to help him out would mean the world to him and myself, and indeed would help to raise awareness of the situations of so many living in the mountainous regions of Morocco. 

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