Raising money for our daughter's hospital expenses

by Spencer Thornton in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

Raising money for our daughter's hospital expenses
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To raise money for our daughter Tiffany to cover the expenses of train journey & experience traveling to and from Tiffany's appointments

by Spencer Thornton in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

  • On May 8th, our daughter Tiffany was rushed to the PICU in the great north children's hospital, with a huge case of hydrocephalus due to Group B strep infection, which led to meningitis. We now know that unfortunately, the pressure of the hydrocephalus has caused some of her brain cells to die. She underwent surgery to have a double VP shunt placed in her brain and had various cysts drained, however some of the cysts reformed and on the 11th June, we were told that Tiffany's condition had worsened and from the way she was presenting, it was likely she would only have a few days left to live. We made the huge decision at this point to bring her home to care for her. It was a very difficult time for us all as we have 2 other young children at home who don't fully understand the situation.  
  • However, Tiffanys condition started improving a short while after returning home and almost 4 months down the line is still with us! She still has a few issues including needing the NG tube as she is unable to swallow properly. Also at the age of 6months old' she still has little to no head control, meaning she is unable to move or hold her own head or able to sit up.
  • The reason we have set up this fundraiser is because it's looking unlikely at this moment that Tiffany will ever gain head control and will struggle to do things that most babies/children are able to do. We still have various appointments through in Newcastle that she will need to attend and for us as a family with two other small children, it is difficult finding child care, arranging transport and accommodation if she needs to stay over. Although she has support from various healthcare professionals, not all of her equipment is provided for her and we still need to buy equipment which will support her head/posture/sitting. 

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