Raising money for Addiction & Men's mental health

by Gemma Campbell in St. Just, England, United Kingdom

Raising money for Addiction & Men's mental health


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Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to these causes that means so much to Jack.

by Gemma Campbell in St. Just, England, United Kingdom

Addiction and mental health I feel are not talked about enough. 

Many people will have their own opinion on drug and alcohol addiction having lived with it themselves or watching a loved one slowly fade away. An addiction will usually also be the repercussion from their mental health not being in a very good place. You may start off being in control of it, but it will eventually take hold and be in control of you. It is a disease that will affect your brain and your behaviour. 

For us this matter is extremely close to our hearts. Today would of been Jacks's dad Ben's 35th Birthday. It is now 8 years since he passed away from an overdose due to his mental health being in an extremely bad place and there still being such a stigma behind reaching out for help. Every day since, having to answer different questions to a little boy who is growing up and now understanding the meaning of mental health and drug misuse at an extremely young age.

More and more we are seeing families where the male figure feels they have no one to reach out to and leaving a gaping hole behind. 

Man Down is a Cornwall based Non Profit. Who run safe talking and listening spaces to help meet the current emotional and mental health needs of men who struggle to cope with the pressures facing them in our modern society.

Addaction is a drug, alcohol and mental health charity who personally helped support Ben and tried their upmost best with him. 

We as a family would like to raise some money for both of these charities to raise awareness and due to them being such a close cause to Jack. It is giving him a focus and drive and he feels like he is helping his dad, even though he isn't with us anymore.  

Benjamin George Lester Law

Born 24/06/1986

Passed 20/02/2013

Jack is now 10.

Workout we will be completing 10 times by the end of July.

Partner WOD.

1986 mtr row buy in

then 10 rounds of:

24 synchro down ups

6 muscle ups/chest to bar

20 Squat cleans

2 Rope climbs

Cash out 2013 meter team run. 

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