Raising funds for "Burn Survivors Charity" SA

by Kim Lee in South Africa

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Raising funds for the burn survivor/domestic abuse charity in South Africa, started by Thembi Mphanga - a burn survivor victim.

by Kim Lee in South Africa

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Say NO to abuse!

I met Thembi and I absolutely knew I had to help her charity.  Her story touched me and changed me. Her strength, courage, resiliance and positive attitude is utterly incredible.

We are on a mission to say no to gender based violence and abuse. Thembi stayed because she thought things would get better, she thought he was really sorry and it wouldn't keep happening, but this cost her, her daughters life and almost her's. 

If you are in any physically or mentally abusive relationship, reach out, get help, leave by any means you 1624031101_burn_7.jpegcan. Your life is worth it, you are worth it!

We are more than our looks!

When I look in the mirror today, I am grateful for every wrinkle and imperfection. Before I met and heard Thembi's story - this wasn't the case. Sometimes it takes the harsh cruelness of someone else's story to have a wake-up call and appreciate what you do look like. In a world where so much still seems to be based on appearance and where woman have been judging themselves by the covers of fashion magazines .... Thembi and I are on a mission to spread her story and remind the world that women are more than their looks and bodies!

What are we raising funds for:

Thembi - (also known as MissT) - runs a support group for other burn survivor victims in South Africa, she currently helps around 200 women in her support group. With the funds raised we can assist:

Women who can not afford medical skin treatments, aesthetic beauty treatments like tattoo eyebrows, skin products, laser etc. 

Some survivors battle with hair growth so we wants to buy quality wigs for them. 

We would also like to assist women who do not have access to physiological help. 

Funds will also be used for Thembi to travel around South Africa to host speaking and charity events to raise more awareness around women abuse. 

Funds will be used to host motivational meetings and get together for survivors of burn violence. 

Funds will also be used towards office supplies for the charity.

1624031139_burn_9.jpegSpreading the message globally!

As the regional Director for the Global Woman Club Johannesburg, South Africa I aim to help Thembi spread her message to a global community of women around the world. Raising money to fly her over to London for the 2022 Global Woman's Summit is a goal of our's. Thembi's story told from a world stage will bring tears, but her message of hope is so powerful and needs to be heard so other women can see that there is life after abuse. 

We would also like to gift 3 of the women she supports a membership to our global community where we can help, coach, uplift and encourage these women within the supportive environment that is - Global Woman Club. 

Your support would mean the world to us.

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