Raising funds for a no kill animal sanctuary.

by Hooves and paws in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Raising funds for a no kill animal sanctuary.
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We are currently raising funds to purchase land so we can expand our animal rescue, and have space and facilities to take in more animals.

by Hooves and paws in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

What hooves and paws animal sanctuary is. 💖

With your help we will be able to open hooves and paws animal sanctuary where no animal will ever be put to sleep and where every animal will have a warm bed, fresh food and water, access to medical care, have toys and stimulation. But most importantly they will be surrounded by people who will give them unconditional love, companionship and care. Please help us help them.

About us. 🩵

We have been running  Cambridge small animals, birds and exotic rescue for just over 12 years now and have over 30 years experience working with rescue animals and animals with both physical disabilities and behavioural problems brought on mainly through trauma or neglect. In the time we have been running the rescue we have rescued 1000s of animals. Some who were in appalling conditions when they arrived and others that were petrified of humans after years of neglect. Seeing them transform into confident, happy animals and getting to see their characters and personalitys makes every second of what we do worth it. We have also visited numerous schools giving educational talks on the importance of adopting and not buying and we always emphasise the commitment and the amount of work owning a pet is.

No kill sanctuary 🖤

We never have and will never put a animal in our care down unless it's a unavoidable health related condition and there are absolutely no other options. We don't believe that any animal should be euthanized because they display behaviours which doesn't conform to how Society wants a animal to be, or that a animal should be put down due to their owners circumstances changing etc.

Why paws and hooves is needed ❤️

Sadly since the covid epidemic and the huge out pour of people buying animals on impulse this has now put a even greater strain on the uks animal shelters which were already at bursting point. Theres been a massive increase of animals being abandoned and neglected, last year alone it was reported over 81000 pets were abandoned. Which has led to even more healthy animals getting put to sleep everyday last year it was reported that on average 31 healthy happy dogs were put to sleep everyday. And with more of the smaller animal rescues having to shut down due to rising costs it's only adding to the crisis and inevitably this number is only going to continue to rise.

What the funds will be used for.🩷

We are trying to raise the funds needed to open hooves and paws animal sanctuary. And with your help we will be able to purchase some land, where we will have a kennel block, cattery, stables, a barn and a couple of paddocks. We will be able to dramatically increase the amount of animals that we're able to take in at a time aswel as being able to increase the amount of different kinds of animals we can take in. With space for any animals who for various reasons aren't suitable for rehoming having a life long home with us, and space for a rehabilitation area with a hydro pool as well as various physio therapy equipment. Rescue centres currently have long waiting lists for people wanting to surrender their animals and this often leads to animals being abandoned or neglected. If we're able to open hooves and paws animal sanctuary this will help alleviate some of those waiting times. Aswel as providing any medical care needed and a safe, caring and loving space for the animals to go to.

The struggle with farm animals.💚

farmyard animal rescues and sanctuarys are especially struggling at the moment and rescue places for animals like pigs, goats, cows, sheep, donkeys, horses, poultry  etc are extremely hard to get resulting in large numbers of these animals being put to sleep daily for no other reason than irresponsible owners. we want to be able to offer a safe space for these animals to go and with your help we can make this a reality.

Spring is the most difficult and busy time.💛

We had to sadly move location and our current landlord won't allow us to take in any rescue animals apart from the rescue pets we already have. So we currently are only able to give advice, and with spring fast approaching it is breaking our hearts knowing that soon we are going to  have to turn away many unwanted litters and unwanted pregnant mamas that we usually take in at this time of year. Aswell as the amount of animals we have already frustratingly been unable to help due to our current location. All we can currently do is give advice and offer as much support as we can. Which just isn't enough.

A relaxed a peaceful place to give birth.🧡

Hooves and paws animal sanctuary will be able to take in dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and all other types of animals and give them a quite, safe, warm place to give birth and raise their babies where they won't need to feel on guard all the time or go hungry. Instead they will be in a peaceful,calm, nurturing environment. Where their babies will grow up being able to explorer and play and only ever knowing the wounders and love this world has to offer 

with your help we can make paws and hooves animal sanctuary a reality. Where every animal is treated with love and kindness every day. ❤️💖🩵💝💛💗💙💘

please help us help them 💞


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