Legal costs of Judicial review/legal action

by Louise Badman in Bridgend, Bridgend County Borough, United Kingdom

Legal costs of Judicial review/legal action
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I am raising money to fund legal costs to bring a legal challenge/Judicial Review against the Crown Prosecution Service in the High Court.

by Louise Badman in Bridgend, Bridgend County Borough, United Kingdom

I am a victim of very serious sexual abuse as a child of 12 years old, continuing for years until I was 16/17 

The abuser was my biological father. I am now in my 40's and struggling to come to terms with what he did. I have chronic anxiety and complex PTSD. As you can imagine, what he did destroyed me. 

In April 2019, I finally sought the courage to make a formal disclosure to South Wales Police. There was an investigation and he was charged on 9 counts of rape of a minor. 

A trial date was set for September 2020 in Crown Court. There was a dispute between Prosecution [CPS] and his barrister [Defence] he sacked his barrister. The trial could not continue and the jury were discharged. 

The next trial was June 2021, I gave evidence, again. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. My abuser was in the courtroom and I was scared, but at the same time determined for him to see how much suffering he had caused and the jury to see I was honest. At the end, the jury were unable to reach a decision & another trial date was set. 

The next one was September 2021.... Again the jury were unable to reach a decision. I was absolutely distraught, broken. 

At the end the CPS barrister asked if I would be prepared to do it again.  If I would be prepared to give evidence at another trial. I said that I would do whatever it takes to get justice and see that he faces the punishment he so deserves. 

I was led to believe there would be a 3rd trial, I was not told otherwise. I was told that they were preparing for another trial. 

However, on the 15th October, I had 2 Police officers at my home delivering a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service. The letter said that the CPS had decided that they will not do a 3rd trial. The reason for this is because 'there has to be 'exceptional circumstances' for them to take-on a 3rd trial in British law'. ?? 

On the 18th October 2021, a case was heard where the prosecution/CPS offered no evidence and it was all over. 

How more exceptional can it get than a child rapist? I feel catastrophically let-down. When I gave evidence on oath - on the bible, I had to re-live those horrific events, the feelings of uncontrollable fear, distress, confusion, the hideous pain, the trauma and the nightmares. It was all for nothing. They allowed a child rapist to walk free with no consequences. 

I was broken before this, but the justice system has broken me further. I have not had justice, closure, peace. The system has brought despair and heartache instead of closure, How can I re-build knowing that he got-away with what he did to me. 

The only way to challenge the appalling, unlawful decision by the CPS is to bring a legal challenge, called a judicial review. This is in the High Court. It is the only way of getting that monster/child abuser back to court and ultimately to prison. 

A judicial review and the legal costs that go with it are very expensive. The estimated costs are approx. 5,000 or more. I cannot throw all my savings at it in case it is not successful. 

Therefore, I am very stuck, my only option to hopefully get justice is to do the legal challenge, but I can't do it without at least 5k or more. 

That is where this fundraiser comes in.....  I am raising funds to try and get justice. If none of us ever challenge the system, the authorities, there will never be change.  They will continue to ride roughshod over our rights and fail to support victims. The victims of any crime, but particularly sexual violence, assault, domestic violence, abuse of any kind will continue to suffer tremendously and the authorities won't care and will not change their practices and procedures. 

I am desperate to see that he gets the punishment he deserves. He destroyed my life, took everything from me and he gets to walk out of the court free. This is 'justice'. 

Anyone who wants to see any confirmation of any of the case/s or anything else, please contract me, I am more than happy to provide evidence of any of the above. EVERY SINGLE PENNY OF MONEY RAISED WILL BE SPENT ON LEGAL COSTS, IT WILL NOT BE WASTED. I PROMISE. 

Thank you for reading - your help is so appreciated, 

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